How Much Are Hilton Honors Points Worth?

Sam KemmisJan 14, 2021
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Hilton is known for offering huge-looking bonuses on its branded credit cards, yet as we often warn: It doesn’t matter how many points you have if they’re not worth much.

In Hilton’s case, NerdWallet values Hilton points at 0.4 cent each. This is a baseline value, drawn from real-world data, not a maximized value. In other words, you should aim for award redemptions that offer 0.4 cent or more in value from your Hilton points.

To figure out exactly what that means, use the calculator below to learn how much your stash of points is worth based on this value.

What does this value mean?

We compared several real-world redemptions when paying with cash or points at U.S. Hilton properties, and calculated that each point is worth 0.4 cent each based on these redemptions. Consider this the baseline value for making your own reward redemptions. If you’re getting more than 0.4 cent per point in value, you’re doing well. If you’re getting less, consider looking for another redemption option.

This valuation also can give you the sense of the relative dollar value of a Hilton promotion or credit card offer. Though keep in mind that it is only an estimate, not a hard cash value.

The list is here.
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How do Hilton points compare to other hotel programs?

Hilton hands its points out like candy for a reason: They’re worth less than most hotel program reward points.

The variation in hotel point values requires some extra mental gymnastics when comparing offers and promotions. For example, would you rather earn 8x Hilton points or 2x Hyatt points? Based on our valuations, you should choose the latter.

How easy is it to earn Hilton points?

The short answer: It’s relatively easy to earn a lot of Hilton points. Hilton Honors members earn 10x base points per dollar spent at Hilton properties — a decent rate. Yet this still isn’t enough to overcome the low value of each point.

To illustrate, we’ve created a metric called the “reward earning rate,” which is effectively the amount in value you can expect to earn back (in Hilton points) per dollar spent. By this metric, the pack narrows but Hilton still falls behind.

Wondering what you can do with those points? Check out our guide to redeeming Hilton Honors points.

Frequently asked questions

Based on our analysis, 10,000 Hilton points are worth about $40.

Based on our analysis, 25,000 Hilton points are worth about $100.

Based on our analysis, 50,000 Hilton points are worth about $200.

Based on our analysis, 80,000 Hilton points are worth about $320.

Based on our analysis, 100,000 Hilton points are worth about $400.

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