How to Meet a $4,000 Credit Card Spending Requirement in 3 Months

Jan 11, 2019

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Now that Southwest has launched its Companion Pass welcome bonus for certain cards, it's time for you to do some math.

Specifically, you need to figure out if this welcome bonus is worth your time. Part of that decision hinges on making sure you can meet and pay off the $4,000 required spend within three months of opening the account.

After all, a credit card welcome bonus is only worth it if you can hit the required spend without filleting your finances.

Even if you aren't interested in Southwest's offer, knowing how to hit a credit card's required spend is a good skill to possess. Here are some ways to make it happen with regular, in-budget expenses.

Save the date

The first thing you want to do when trying to hit a required credit card spend is to mark the date your purchases must be paid on a calendar.

Burn that date into your brain so you don’t miss it. Set reminders of that date for every other week to make sure you're on target to hit the required spend.

Charge your bills — and everything else

Once you sign up for that new credit card with a required spend, start using that card for everything. Going out for a bagel and coffee? Charge it. Filling up at the gas station? Charge it. Use your new card on every single purchase during those first three months. You'll be surprised how quickly all those little payments add up. But again, remember to only adopt this strategy if you can pay off that $4,000 right away. Carrying a balance on your welcome offer minimum spend defeats the benefit.

Additionally, charge bills and expenses already in your budget, so you won't have to worry about racking up interest charges by carrying a balance. If at all possible, prepay the bills with your card to ensure that you hit that $4,000 mark.

Pick up the tab

Going out to dinner with a large group of friends? Offer to pick up the bill using your Southwest card. Use your card to pay, then have your friends pay you back with cash or a payment app like Venmo.

Get a gift

Think about the places you shop most often. Once you have a list on hand, purchase gift cards for those retailers using your credit card. Then, the next time you visit Whole Foods or that same gas station on the way to work, use the gift card as payment. It's an easy way to bump up your credit card spending without overextending yourself.

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