Nikita Turk

Lead Multimedia Producer  |  Producer, YouTube, Video Production

Nikita is a Lead Multimedia Producer for NerdWallet. She has produced video content for various digital platforms for over a decade. She enjoys taking complex, sometimes confusing subjects, and explaining them in clear, relatable ways. Nikita earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communications from Florida International University. She lives in Los Angeles, California, with her daughter and adorable, energetic three-pound Maltipoo.

  • Education: B.S. in journalism and mass communications

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Grading ChatGPT Responses on Mortgages, Home Buying, and Mortgage Lenders

ChatGPT is one of many types of Artificial intelligence, or AI, and has been a hot topic these days for its ability to provide useful information. But does it pass our test when it comes to home buying? Nikita Turk tests ChatGPT on its knowledge and recommendations of mortgages and home buying while providing her own grades based on NerdWallet's best practices.

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