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NerdWallet Adds Over 80 New Cards, Best & Worst Additions

Feb. 2, 2010
Credit Cards
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In our continuing quest to index and categorize every credit card available in the United States, we have added cards from Barclays, Simmons First, PenFed, First National Bank of Omaha, Amalgamated Bank of Chicago, First Command Bank, and Heartland Bank. We hope your card selection process benefits from the breadth of our card offerings.

Out of the 84 new cards we added, a few winners and losers stand out.


  • Barclays Emigrant Direct MasterCard – Earn 1.4% cash back if you maintain a trailing 6 month deposit balance in excess of $10,000. Earn 0.5% otherwise. A great card for those who seek to earn more than the generic 1% rewards card and have some money locked up in savings accounts.
  • Lukoil / Getty MasterCard – Earn 4% rewards at Lukoil or Getty stations. Earn 1% everywhere else. Earn double rewards for the first 2 months, a whopping 8% back on gas and 2% on other purchases.
  • Low APR cards – The new additions dominate our Low APR rankings, with 7.24% APR and 0% balance transfer fee with the Harvard Alumni Association card, 7.25% APR from First Command Bank Platinum, Amalgamated Chicago Union Plus, Simmons First Platinum, and 7.99% APR from several Heartland Bank cards.
  • Losers

  • Barclays Juniper PrePaid Card – the worst prepaid card we’ve ever seen, with a $5 monthly fee, $2 ATM fees, and a 5% charge to withdraw money. Annoyingly, the fine print is intentionally difficult to access, on Page 13 of a tiny scroll window.
  • Barclays FutureTrust – 1% rewards towards your 529 College savings plan makes little sense when you can earn 2% with the Fidelity 529 college card