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Best Balance Transfer Card Just Got Better: 0% for 21 months

Sept. 23, 2010
Credit Cards
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Citibank’s Platinum Select credit card used to offer 0% balance transfer rates for 15 months, and we can attest that approval rates are actually relatively high, so it’s a great deal that can actually be gotten.

But now, the introductory balance transfer rate has gotten even better!

Citi is offering an even better 0% for 18 months through certain channels, making it the best deal out there for balance transfers based on our calculators.

The main difference between the 18 month offer on their website and the new card is the balance transfer fee. The 0% for 18 month version of Citibank Platinum Select has a fee of 5%, whereas the 0% for 18 month version has an even better fee of 3%.  Therefore, the new offer is better all around.

It’s the best balance transfer card, but not the best for purchase APR

The Platinum Select also has a pretty good introductory purchase APR offer, at 12 months. However, using our low APR credit card comparison tool, you can see that the Chase Slate Premium card could be a better deal for you. The calculator takes into account introductory APR rates, the time period for which you hold the balance, and the ongoing APRs at the end of your introductory window.

If you plan to hold on to the card for a long period of time, you may be better off checking out your local credit union or other offers to find a card with the lowest possible ongoing APR rate. You can also do this by adjusting the time period on our low apr credit card comparison tool.

And remember, it requires good credit to qualify.