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Citi Upgrades Travel Benefits: Holiday Gift

Nov. 4, 2014
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The holidays are upon us, meaning plenty of food, family, gifts and merriment in our near future. If you don’t live near your loved ones, your holiday plans likely include travel. If you have a Citi card, your travel should be relatively stress-free. That’s  because Citi has upgraded its rental insurance and trip cancellation/interruption benefits. Read on to learn more.

Citi upgrades travel benefits: Your rental car is covered … worldwide

Credit card users typically enjoy the benefit of rental car insurance in the United States. However, Citi’s new benefits include rental car insurance on any car in any country. This coverage applies to a rental car that has been stolen, damaged by an accident (provided a covered driver was driving when the accident occurred), or damaged by a natural disaster or vandalism.

To qualify for this benefit, you must pay for the rental car in full with your Citi card and/or reward points. The car must be rented for less than 31 consecutive days, you have to take reasonable care of it, and it should only be used according to your rental agreement. You won’t be covered if you drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, so—as always—avoid driving if you’ve had too many drinks at a holiday party.

The amount of coverage you have will depend on which Citi card you have. Check your Citi’s benefits guide for more coverage information. It’s available on your online account for each of your cards.

Trip cancellation and interruption covers you for even more reasons

Nonrefundable flights can be rough. Things come up — illness, bad weather, personal issues — and losing the cost of a plane ticket you don’t get to use is nothing to celebrate. But here’s some good news: Citi’s upgraded benefits cover more reasons for trip cancellation and interruption to keep you from losing your hard earned cash.

To qualify for trip cancellation and interruption, your ticket must be paid in full with your Citi card and/or Citi reward points. Your trip should be less than 60 consecutive days and you should notify travel suppliers within 48 hours of finding out you need to change or cancel your trip. If this isn’t possible for medical reasons, alert travel suppliers of this change as soon as you’re able.

Covered medical or personal reasons include:

  • A personal illness or injury a doctor confirms is severe enough to preclude travel.
  • A family member’s illness or injury that is either life-threatening or requires your care.
  • The death of self or a family member within 30 days of your trip.
  • A job loss after at least two years of employment.
  • A court date that can’t be postponed, including jury duty.
  • Your leave as a member of the U.S. military is revoked for covered reasons.
  • Your residence is no longer in liveable condition.
  • An assault of self or a family member occurs within 10 days of trip and hospitalization is required.

Covered travel or weather reasons include:

  • Severe weather or a natural disaster stops travel to and from your destination for 24 hours of more.
  • A quarantine or hijacking occurs.
  • You miss more than half of your trip due to travel issues.
  • Your travel supplier goes out of business after you book your trip.
  • A mandatory evacuation occurs while you still have more than half of your trip to go.
  • A terrorist attack occurs at your location within 30 days of arrival.

Your exact coverage will depend on which Citi card you have. For more coverage information, check your Citi benefits guide. This information is available on your online account for each of your cards.

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