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What Is Discover Deals?

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Admit it: Getting a good deal really makes your day. After all, there’s nothing like scoring a major markdown on something you’ve been searching for.

Enter Discover Deals. This new platform gives customers the opportunity to earn discounts, bonus cash back, or statement credits in-store and online. Ready to learn more? Let’s dig in!

Discover Deals: The basics

Discover Deals launched on June 19, 2014, and since then has been churning out offers left and right. The platform works pretty simply: You visit the site and log in with your Discover username and password, then browse available deals. You’ll see a wide range of offers, including deals on restaurants and dining, apparel, home and garden supplies – even travel packages.

If you do most of your spending online, you’ll be able to earn an extra 5%-20% cash back at more than 200 retailers when you do your shopping through the Discover Deals portal. If you’re shopping in-store, you’ll have access to point-of-sale coupons, bonus cash-back offers and other discounts only available to Discover customers. As of September 2014, there’s no flash-sale component to Discover Deals, but some in-store offers are only available for a certain window of time.

One convenient feature of Discover Deals is the free mobile application that’s tied to the platform. You can browse deals anywhere using your smartphone or tablet, which makes it easier to avoid missing out on an offer.

For example, let’s say you’re unexpectedly visiting Retailer X and you didn’t go online to check out Discover Deals before you left home. You can simply use the app to perform a search on Retailer X and see if you’re eligible for any coupons or discounts through Discover Deals.

Also, Discover Deals is providing targeted promotions based on your past spending. By analyzing your transaction data, Discover is able to figure out which deals will be most useful to you and sends them your way. According to Brian Meier, director of rewards marketing at Discover, this is one of the features that really makes Discover Deals stand out.

When the Nerds asked Meier about whom Discover Deals is available to, he told us that all customers with Discover cards will have access to the portal and the app. However, due to the targeted nature of certain deals, he noted that “not everyone will see the same offers.”

What about ShopDiscover and Discover Extras?

If you’re a current Discover customer, you might be wondering about the fate of ShopDiscover, the popular online discount portal operated by the company. The same goes for Discover Extras, which offers in-store discounts on certain goods and services. How will Discover Deals differ from these longtime favorites?

Meier confirmed that both ShopDiscover and Discover Extras are being rolled into Discover Deals. You can expect to see most of the same offers you came to know and love with these programs, but now they will all be contained on one platform.

Discover Extras has already migrated over to Discover Deals, but Meier didn’t give an exact timeline for when ShopDiscover will go dark. In an email, he said, “We are hoping to completely migrate in the next few months.”

Our favorite Discover credit card

If Discover Deals sounds like something you’d take advantage of, and you’re interested in applying for a Discover card, our favorite is the Discover it® - Cashback Match™. With it, you’ll earn 5% cash back in rotating quarterly bonus categories (up to $1,500 in combined spending per quarter) and 1% cash back on all other purchases.

The Discover it® - Cashback Match™ charges a $0 annual fee, no foreign transaction fee, and also provides you with free access to your FICO credit score. Plus, you’ll pay 0% on Purchases and Balance Transfers for 14 months, and then the ongoing APR of 11.99% - 23.99% Variable APR. Getting the benefits that come with Discover Deals is really just icing on the cake – the Discover it® - Cashback Match™ is a pretty good deal in and of itself!

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