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Festival of Frugality #234 – NerdWallet’s World Cup Edition

June 15, 2010
Personal Finance
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Like most of the world, we at NerdWallet have caught World Cup Fever. Soccer and frugality don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand, but screw it, we decided this was the most apt theme to kick off the summer anyway. :-)

For those of you who are new to our site, please take a second during commercial breaks or halftime to dribble around our blog for the latest credit card reviews, cash back and travel rewards program updates, and the occasional warning about credit card scams. And if you want to find the best card for your needs, we have an extensive database of cards, with rewards calculators, APR calculators, and even balance transfer calculators.

Meanwhile, let’s kick this thing off!

Our Top Picks

Here are a few posts that really caught our eye:

jim w presents Start with frugal spirits, then graduate to premium ones posted at Scotch Addict. Because few things warm the soul better than cheap booze.

Ace presents Tax yourself posted at Ace of Wealth. A novel approach to socking some away for a rainy day – stop think of it as optional and start taxing yourself.

Jeff Rose, CFP presents Save Money By Not Eating Out For an Entire Month posted at Independent Financial Advisor. A bold move to save money, with an added health kicker – you’re a better man than I, Jeff.

Gina presents Free & Low-Cost Summer Movies for Kids posted at Moneywise Moms. A family-friendly tip for those of you who will be in the theaters while the rest of us are glued to ESPN.

Kelly presents 27. Toilet Train Your Cats posted at 1000 Ways to Save A Buck. Good luck with that!

The main event: Frugal living and budgeting tips

A few ideas on how to keep track of your spending, manage your finances, and save money:

Carmen Nesenson presents I’m Not Poor, I’m On a Budget posted at Go Banking Rates: Recent Articles.

Penny presents Reusable Toilet Paper- Family Cloth posted at Penniless Parenting.

Kristia presents U-Pick Strawberries: Buy Local, Save Money & Enjoy posted at Family Balance Sheet.

Jason presents Party Planning on a Super Tight Budget posted at Live Real, Now.

Trinidad presents Beach highlights done at home… for 4 bucks! posted at The Budget Socialite.

Donna Freedman presents Can’t anybody here play this game? posted at Surviving and Thriving.

Miranda presents Comparison Shopping the Smart Way posted at Coupon Shoebox.

MoneyNing presents Three Expensive Habits that are Putting Your Financial Future at Risk posted at Money Ning.

vh presents Return Policies: It pays to shop where they’re generous posted at Funny about Money.

Squirrelers presents Squirreling Gone Wild #9: The Free Rider Effect | Squirrelers posted at Squirrelers.

freefrombroke presents When You Save Are You Really Saving? posted at Free From Broke.

June Tree presents How To Get The Rebate Checks You Deserve! posted at The Digerati Life.

Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog presents Frugality Can Lead to Happiness posted at Canadian Finance Blog.

PT presents Get Fit this Summer for Less posted at PT Money.

Brenda Pike presents How Do I Read Library Books on My Kindle? posted at Pragmatic Environmentalism.


Just in time for summer, a few tips on how to save money on your vacation:

Our own Tim Chen presents Using Hilton HHonors Points to Save Money on Travel posted right here at NerdWallet Credit Card Watch.

Consumer Boomer presents 20 Ways To Save Money On Your Vacation posted at Consumer Boomer.

Craig Ford presents 25 “Must Visit” Online Travel Sites For Planning A Vacation posted at Money Help For Christians.

jim presents How to Save Money Booking Cruises posted at Wanderlust Journey.

FMF presents How to Save on Food While Traveling posted at Free Money Finance.

Real estate

Some real-world advice on buying, selling, or financing a house:

Bill Tyler presents How To Sell A House Fast | Productive Realtor posted at Productive Realtor.

Kim at MMI presents What to consider when your lease is up – Money Management posted at Blogging for Change.

Cheapskate Sandy presents Real Life: Foreclosure Easier Than Loan Modification? posted at Yes, I Am Cheap.

The other contenders

The best of the rest – advice on saving, investing, and finding a job:

BWL presents My 401k Rollover To My IRA at Zecco posted at Christian Personal Finance.

nissim ziv presents Do you hate your job? Top Reasons why People Hate Their Jobs posted at Job Interview & Career Guide.

Tech Guy presents Are Technical Certifications Worth It? posted at Technical Certifications.

Neal Frankle presents Who Should Buy Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance ? A Surprising Answer posted at Wealth Pilgrim.

Paul Williams presents Examining and Evaluating Your Values posted at Provident Planning.

Sustainable Life Blog presents When To Go It Alone posted at Sustainable Life Blog.

Miss Thrifty presents Make Do And Mend: in moving pictures! posted at Miss Thrifty.

Cecil Dellison presents Citibank Is Giving $500 Cash Back On New Credit Card posted at Clear Choice Credit Cards.

That’s it for this week! Thanks for stopping by NerdWallet’s credit card blog, and be sure to check out Festival of Frugality to find out where the next Carnival will take place.