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A Closer Look at Top Employers of College Graduates

June 21, 2012
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Goldman Sachs. Teach for America. Google.

Which schools do they hire the most college graduates from? 

Students currently in the college search process can, and should, start thinking early on about what their career options will be and where they might like to work after graduation. Like it or not, once the fun and games of college life are over, it’s time to get down to business.

NerdWallet’s recent College and Career Study aggregated data from the nation’s top colleges and universities to examine what students do when they graduate. Some schools provided details on the soon-to-be employers of recent grads, so we set out to determine where companies are hiring the most students. Below are three popular employers that you’ve probably heard about in the news (including one that you likely use every day).    


Goldman Sachs 

This investment banking, securities, and investment management firm is based in the America’s financial capital, New York City. Despite some rough press coverage in recent years following the 2008 financial crisis, Goldman has remained one of the most successful firms on Wall Street. For those interested in a position at Goldman Sachs, the University of Pennsylvania is clearly one of your best bets. Most of Goldman’s feeder schools are located in the New England region, but if that’s not your style, Indiana’s University of Notre Dame, the University of Michigan (particularly Ross School of Business), and North Carolina’s Duke University all churned out significant numbers of Goldman Sachs employees. Check out Goldman’s Event Search Engine to see if there’s an upcoming recruiting event happening near you.

School # hired (2010) # hired (2011)
UPenn 39 43
Georgetown 12 15
Brown Not Provided 18
Bucknell 6 4
Notre Dame 6 2
MIT 6 Not Provided
UMich (Ross) 6 3
Columbia Not Provided Goldman ranked 2nd of Top Employers (# Not Provided)
Duke 2nd of Top Employers (# Not Provided) Not Provided


Teach For America

 TFA is a non-profit organization that recruits recent college graduates to teach for two years in low-income areas around the United States. By attracting new teaching talent and providing a high level of training, they hope to develop better educators and improve the quality of education in underserved communities. Teach for America is not immune to criticism, however for motivated and energetic future educators, this may be an organization to check out. One important thing to note is that applicants don’t actually need to have their teaching certification to be hired. You can work towards certification or licensure over the course of the commitment period. TFA was #1 on NerdWallet’s list of top employers.  They attract talent from all 50 states and over 460 colleges and universities, but below are some schools that stood out in the crowd:

School # hired (2010) # hired (2011)
Georgetown 37 44
UPenn 32 33
Notre Dame 22 Not Provided
Brown Not Provided 31
Colby 12 13
Bucknell 12 7
Washington and Lee 9 Not Provided
Davidson 8 Not Provided
MIT 4 6
Carnegie Mellon Not Provided 8
Columbia Not Provided TFA Ranked 1st of Top Employers (# Not Provided)
Duke 1st of Top Employers (# Not Provided) Not Provided



 If you’re reading this right now, you surely know already what this company does. You may have also heard how cool it is to work at Google. Though located in California’s San Francisco Bay Area, Google tends to hire employees from wherever the top talent is located.  Due to the nature of what they do, if you have an interest in working here, you should check out schools with a top-notch Computer Science program like Carnegie Mellon University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

School # hired (2010) # hired (2011)
UPenn 19 13
Carnegie Mellon 14 24
Brown Not Provided 21
Georgetown 6 10
MIT 4 6
UMich (Ross) 7 5
Notre Dame Not Provided 7
Columbia Not Provided Google Ranked 10th of Top Employers (# Not Provided)
Duke 6th of Top Employers (# Not Provided) Not Provided