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When paying for college, exhaust all your other options — scholarships, grants, work-study and federal student loans — before turning to private student loans.

Federal student loans offer borrower protections that private loans may not, such as income-based repayment plans and forgiveness programs. And federal student loans have flat interest rates set by Congress, while private student loan interest rates depend on your credit. If you or your co-signer don’t have good credit, you’ll likely pay a higher interest rate for a private loan than you would for a federal loan.

Still, you might need to take out private student loans if you can’t cover your college costs with savings, income, grants, scholarships and federal student loans. Learn more about whether private loans are right for you here and compare your options in the list below.

Private student loan options

Lender Fixed APR ranges* Get started
Ascent logo Fixed: 3.34% - 14.51%

collegeave-logo Fixed: 3.24% - 12.99%

Earnest student loans Fixed: 3.34% - 12.78%

Sallie logo Fixed: 3.5% - 12.6%

SoFi logo Fixed: 4.08% - 10.9%

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