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We're here to help you refinance your student loans.

NerdWallet and Ready4 have teamed up to help you compare your student loan refinance options. Read on to learn more about refinancing and NerdWallet and how to apply when you're ready.

NerdWallet has compared some of the top lenders to save you time finding the lowest rate you’ll qualify for.

To qualify, you need credit in the mid-600s or higher and a steady income, or access to a co-signer. Student loan refinancing is not the same as federal consolidation. Learn more on our refinance FAQ page.

The best refinance lender for you depends on your priorities. Borrowers often look for the lowest interest rate possible, but it’s worth checking out the various features each lender offers. See our reviews for the full details.

Student loan refinance options

Lender APR ranges* Min credit score Details
Rates updated monthly.
*All APR ranges include a 0.25% autopay discount if available. See additional offer disclosures below.

Fixed: 2.98% - 5.79%
Variable: 1.99% - 5.61%
660 Pros
Forbearance available for up to 24 months (longer than many lenders allow)

Only available in 44 states

Fixed: 2.58% - 5.99% Variable: 2.39% - 6.01% 680 Pros
Offers a $100 bonus if borrowers accept loan offer within 30 days of initial application date

Must have at least $15,000 to refinance

Fixed: 2.98% - 5.79% Variable: 1.99% - 5.64% 650 Pros
Offers bi-weekly payments, which can help cut down on total interest paid over the life of a loan

Only available in 45 states and Washington, D.C.

Fixed: 2.99% - 6.99%
Variable: 2.25% - 6.53%
Varies Pros
- Borrowers can refinance a parent PLUS loan in their name
- 12 months of forbearance

No co-signer release option

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