Pay Off Your Debt

NerdWallet's debt guide can help you diagnose your situation, pick a payoff strategy, track your progress and build a financially healthy life.

Step 1: Get a handle on what you owe

Enter debt amounts in the calculator below to see how long it’ll take to pay them off, how much interest you’ll pay and which debts to prioritize to become debt-free faster. Start with just credit cards if that’s what you’re worried about; you can add more debts later.

When will I be debt-free?

Debt 1

>> More: Find extra money so you can pay more each month and learn to build a budget to keep extra money in your pocket.

Step 2: Assess which payoff strategy can help you

Take the quiz below to figure out a strategy to make your debt payoff faster, more manageable — or both. Our list of resources can help you gain some breathing room.

Step 3: Set a goal and track your progress

NerdWallet offers an app to help you track your debts, watch them dwindle and celebrate your victories along the way. Signing up also gives you access to a free credit score and credit report information.