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Pandemic Savings Goals and Taxes on Inheritance

Find yourself saving more cash during the pandemic? On this episode, Sean talks with banking Nerd Chanelle Bessette about what people are doing with their pandemic-driven savings. Then, Liz and Sean answer a listener’s question about when you owe taxes on an inheritance.  Read more…

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Spring Cleaning and COVID Taxes

On this episode, Sean and Liz talk about how they’re approaching spring cleaning their finances this year, including tidying up their digital lives. Then, they answer a listener’s question about how to manage filing taxes in the age of COVID — including whether you owe taxes on your stimulus.  Read more…

Redlining, and Paying Off a Car Loan

Past discriminatory lending practices helped lead to the racial wealth gap. Also, paying off a loan could ding your credit scores, but there are better reasons not to rush to pay off certain debts.  Read more…

Procrastination and Paying Student Loans vs. Investing

Fear of making mistakes can fuel procrastination, but that can be costly when you’re putting off important money tasks. One task that may be OK to delay, however, is paying off student loans.  Read more…

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