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Is Banking Stable, and Traditional vs. Online Banks

The banking system has been feeling less than stable lately. But how worried should you really be? To start this episode, Sean and Sara discuss the concern. Then Sean and Liz answer a listener question about how to choose between an online and a traditional bank. Read more

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‘This or That’: Loyalty to One Travel Brand or Diversify?

So you’re deep in the points game (or want to be). Are you better off focusing your points earning and spending efforts on one brand, or diversifying your points? This episode, Sean talks with travel Nerd Elina Geller about which is better and why. Read more

Are CDs Worth It, and Managing a Life-Changing Windfall

The rates on certificates of deposit have shot up over the past year. But are CDs really a good option, especially when high-yield savings accounts are offering similar yields? Sean Pyles and Sara Rathner discuss.

Then Sean and Liz Weston talk with a listener about how to manage a life-changing financial windfall. Read more

‘This or That’: Travel Credit Card or Cash-Back Credit Card

Travel credit cards can help you score the vacation of your dreams on points alone. But are they worth the hassle of playing the points game? In this episode of the “This or That” travel series, Sean talks with travel Nerd Sally French about why travel cards are worth the hype — and when a cash-back card might be the better option. Read more

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