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Health Insurance Deadlines and Getting the Best Car Insurance Rates

An important deadline looms for getting health insurance on the ACA exchanges. Liz and Sean discuss what you should know, even if you already have health insurance. Then they answer a listener’s question about how to find the best rates (and coverage) when shopping for car insurance. Read more…

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Rethinking Credit Reporting and Lightning Round Money Questions

Credit reporting is flawed. Liz and Sean discuss what the issues are and how they can be fixed. Then they answer a number of listener questions back to back in a lightning round of money questions, including managing taxes while working remotely and how to find a high yield savings account. Read more…

Combating Inflation and Risks of Small Mortgage Lenders

Inflation is on the rise, as your budget has surely noticed. This episode, Sean talks with investing Nerd Alana Benson about what’s happening and what it means for your finances. Then Sean and Liz answer a listener’s question about the potential risks of going with a smaller mortgage lender. Read more…

Midyear Money Check-In and Managing Finances Abroad

How are your 2021 money goals coming along? Now that we’re halfway through the year, Sean and Liz talk about how to do a check-in on what you want from your money this year. Then they answer a listener’s question about how to manage their finances abroad, including how to save money on conversion rates and using credit cards strategically. Read more…

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