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Listen to the latest episode: “Which Accounts Can Make Me the Most Money?”

You can make money just by putting your cash into the right account. Which account to choose depends on a few factors, though. In this episode, Sean talks with investing Nerd Arielle O’Shea about the best ways to make money off of cash you have sitting in a bank account. Read more…

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“How Much House Can I Afford?”

Think you’re finally ready to buy a home? Here’s how to know how much house you can afford with your budget, what you might need for a down payment, and how to think about the emotional aspect of homebuying.  Read more…

“How Can I Pay Off My Debt Faster?”

Want to pay off your debt fast? You can, with a bit of know-how. In this episode, Sean Pyles and Liz Weston break down how you can find the payoff path that might work best for you and your debt. Read more…

“How Do I Buy a Used Car?”

Buying a used car can be confusing. Should you shop around a used car lot, or are the online classified ads a better route? With the help of NerdWallet car-buying whiz Philip Reed, that’s the debate Dayana and Sean settle this episode. Read more…

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