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Latest episode: Coronavirus Special, Part II: Saving, Budgeting and Travel

The coronavirus pandemic has scrambled people’s travel plans and their budgets. Here are the most important things to know now about emergency funds, spending plans and travel in the coming months. Read more…

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Coronavirus Special, Part I: Mortgages and the Market

Mortgage rates dropped and then soared, making life difficult for people who wanted to refinance and buy homes. Mortgage and real estate Nerd Holden Lewis explains why that happened and what the future may bring. Read more…

“How Can I Brace Financially for Coronavirus?”

The economic impact of the coronavirus and the COVID-19 disease it causes is likely to be profound. Sean and Liz discuss how to cope with the potential financial fallout. Read more…

“Why Did My Credit Scores Suddenly Drop?”

Unexpected credit scores drops are the worst — especially when you’re trying to do everything right. Sean and Liz dig into the details of how credit scores work to help a reader whose scores dived seemingly without reason. Read more…

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