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Taking On the Racial Wealth Gap

The racial wealth gap was created and reinforced over centuries. Can it be solved in our lifetime? In this episode, Sean and Liz talk with journalist Kimberly Atkins Stohr about her series for The Emancipator about solving the racial wealth gap. Read more…

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What’s Up With Eggs, and Home Improvement Projects

Eggs — why are they so expensive right now, and what can you do about it? To start this episode, Sean and Liz crack open the factors driving up egg prices at the moment. They also share their tips for making groceries more affordable, including whether you should start your own chicken coop.

Then they talk about how to approach home improvement season in 2022. Materials and contractors can be expensive and hard to come by, so you might need to get creative to accomplish your goals. Read more…

Nerdy Deep Dive: How to Reduce Child Care Costs

Child care can be a strain on many families’ budgets — but there are opportunities for you to minimize the cost.

In Part 2 of this Nerdy deep dive, we talk with two of our own Nerds to highlight existing financial resources for parents at the federal and state level. We also discuss personal finance strategies that can help parents think long term, even if money is tight at the moment. Read more…

Recession Prep, and Lightning Round Money Questions

A recession is (maybe) imminent. To start off this episode, Sean and Liz talk about how to prepare for a recession, including how to think about investing.

Then they answer a number of your questions in a lightning round. This time they talk about how to grow money, buying cars and travel credit cards.
Read more…

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