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Listen to the latest episode: Can a Spending Fast Save Me Money?

A spending fast can help you save money — fast! The idea is to hit the pause button on non-essential spending for a set period, usually a month. Sean and Liz are veterans of spending fasts and have some tips for how they work, what to watch out for and staying motivated. Read more…

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“Should I Invest or Pay Down My Student Loans?

Should you invest or pay off debt? This question can get especially tricky when you’re talking about investing in your company’s stock versus paying down your student loans. Sean and Liz help a listener who wants to know if she should exercise her stock options or focus on paying her $90,000 student loan debt. Read more…

“How Should We Manage Money as a Couple?”

Yours? Mine? Ours? Managing your money as a couple can be stressful and there’s no one right way to do it. Sean and Liz offer some strategies for figuring out what will work best for both of you. Read more…

“How Can I (Actually) Keep My New Year’s Money Resolution?”

New Year’s money resolutions are common, sure. But keeping them is a whole different story. In this episode, Sean talks with Nerd Kim Palmer about the best tips that can help you actually achieve your money goals in the new year. Read more…

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