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Free Health Insurance and Finding Scholarships

Sean and Liz explain a provision in the American Rescue Plan that qualifies millions of Americans for free or lower cost health insurance. Then they answer a listener’s questions about finding and applying for scholarships to reduce the cost of higher education. Read more…

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Pet Scams and Buying Different Home Types

If you’re in the market for a new pet, scammers may have you in their sights. Sean and Liz talk about common pet scams and how you can avoid them. Then they answer a couple of listener questions about buying different home types, including new homes, existing homes, condos and more. Read more…

Air Travel and Collections Accounts on Credit Reports

More travelers are taking to the sky as vaccines roll out. Sean and Liz discuss how to find affordable flights as ticket prices climb. Then they answer a listener’s question about how long a collections account stays on your credit report — and how to mitigate any damage to your credit score.  Read more…

Cannabis Investing and Too Much Cash

Cannabis investing — specifically in ETFs — might seem like a savvy move to break into a budding industry. But there are unique risks to investing in cannabis. Sean and Liz discuss the pros and cons with investing Nerd Chris Davis. Then they answer a listener’s money question about whether you can have too much cash in your accounts.  Read more…

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