Remember that teacher who left a mark on your life, who changed the way you think about the world? NerdScholar's inaugural “40 Under 40” celebrates professors who are doing just that: cultivating passion in their students. Chosen based on nominations highlighting their love of teaching, these women and men are inspiring the young adults of today to be the world leaders and humanitarians of tomorrow.
Alan S. Abrahams Profile

Alan S. Abrahams

Virginia Tech
Sam Abrams Profile

Sam Abrams

Sarah Lawrence College
Anthony Adornato Profile

Anthony Adornato

Ithaca College
Jennifer D. Anderson Profile

Jennifer D. Anderson

Hollins University
Hadar Aviram Profile

Hadar Aviram

University of California Hastings College of the Law
Nora Ayanian Profile

Nora Ayanian

University of Southern California
Stephen Elza Bell Profile

Stephen Elza Bell

College of the Ozarks
Elaine Bennett Profile

Elaine Bennett

Saint Vincent College
Brett Danaher Profile

Brett Danaher

Wellesley College
Cheryl Dickter  Profile

Cheryl Dickter

College of William and Mary
Sara A. Mehltretter Drury Profile

Sara A. Mehltretter Drury

Wabash College
Jennie Lee Durant Profile

Jennie Lee Durant

Saint Mary's College
Edward Erikson Profile

Edward Erikson

University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Maria Francesca Fackler Profile

Maria Francesca Fackler

Davidson College
Kim Theresa Ferguson Profile

Kim Theresa Ferguson

Sarah Lawrence College
Neil Garg Profile

Neil Garg

University of California, Los Angeles
Moira Gresham Profile

Moira Gresham

Whitman College
Michel M. Haigh Profile

Michel M. Haigh

Pennsylvania State University
Jerrie R. Hanible Profile

Jerrie R. Hanible

Southeastern Louisiana University
Gilad Harel Profile

Gilad Harel

Baruch College, CUNY
Zack Hawley Profile

Zack Hawley

Texas Christian University
Jason Heikenfeld Profile

Jason Heikenfeld

University of Cincinnati
Ellen Hoobler Profile

Ellen Hoobler

Cornell College
Casey A. Jarrin Profile

Casey A. Jarrin

Macalester College
Fred Johnson Profile

Fred Johnson

Whitworth University
Scott Barry Kaufman Profile

Scott Barry Kaufman

New York University
Leidy Klotz Profile

Leidy Klotz

Clemson University
Christopher Korey Profile

Christopher Korey

College of Charleston
Alex Lemon Profile

Alex Lemon

Texas Christian University
Steven V. Miller Profile

Steven V. Miller

Clemson University
Sarah Parcak Profile

Sarah Parcak

University of Alabama at Birmingham
Jenna' Latrise Reed Profile

Jenna' Latrise Reed

Broward College
Michael Saelee Profile

Michael Saelee

Illinois Institute of Technology
Alan Spearot Profile

Alan Spearot

University of California, Santa Cruz
Audrey St. John Profile

Audrey St. John

Mount Holyoke College
Christopher Knox Storm, Jr. Profile

Christopher Knox Storm, Jr.

Adelphi University
Maggie Thomas Profile

Maggie Thomas

Earlham College
Andrea Townsend Profile

Andrea Townsend

University of California, Davis
Mina Tsay-Vogel Profile

Mina Tsay-Vogel

Boston University
Jennifer Turner Profile

Jennifer Turner

The Citadel