5 Things to Know About the Sheetz Credit Card

Bottom line, it’s a gas station card that doesn’t earn rewards on gas.
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For the residents of certain mid-Atlantic states, Sheetz gas stations and convenience stores are a veritable institution. Known for clean restrooms, nicely maintained stores and an incredible variety of food and beverage options, Sheetz has over 600 locations across Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.

But should Sheetz loyalists fill up on the Sheetz credit card? In most cases, probably not. Issued by the First National Bank of Omaha, the Sheetz credit card’s headlining feature is the promise of 5% back on Sheetz purchases. However, that 5% figure applies to in-store purchases only, not to gas or car washes. So unless you’re spending large sums inside Sheetz convenience stores, chances are you’ll be better off with a card that will put money back in your pocket at the fuel pump.

Here are the five main things you need to know about the Sheetz credit card.

1. There are two versions of the card

When you apply for the card, you’ll be considered for two versions of the Sheetz credit card. Both have a $0 annual fee and both offer 5% back on in-store purchases at Sheetz locations. However, there are some differences to be aware of:

  • The Sheetz Personal Credit Card is a “closed-loop” credit card, meaning it works only for purchases at Sheetz locations, including for fuel, car washes and in-store purchases.

  • The Sheetz Visa Card is an “open-loop” credit card, which means you can use it to pay for purchases anywhere Visa is accepted. Along with 5% back on in-store purchases at Sheetz locations and a 5 cents per gallon discount on gas, the card also earns 1% back at most outside retailers (excluding non-Sheetz gas stations).

Applicants with insufficient credit to qualify for the Sheetz Visa Card will be automatically considered for the Sheetz Personal Credit Card.

🤓Nerdy Tip

For business owners managing a fleet of vehicles, Sheetz also offers a business card, the Sheetz Business Edge. It offers savings of 6 cents per gallon on gas.

2. 5% back doesn't apply to gas (seriously)

A gas station credit card that doesn’t earn rewards on gas? Without a doubt, this is the biggest downside to the Sheetz credit card. The card’s headlining benefit — 5% back on Sheetz purchases — doesn’t apply to gas or car wash purchases. You’ll earn 5% back only on in-store purchases like made-to-order food, beverages, groceries and convenience store products, and 1% back on all other qualifying purchases on the Visa card.

Worse, not only will you not earn 5%, but you also won't earn any rewards at all. Gas purchases from Sheetz — and all other brands of service stations — are specifically excluded from earning even 1% back.

If you spend a lot of money on Sheetz in-store purchases, maybe the card is a decent option. But if you’re looking for rewards on gas and car washes, you’ll be sorely disappointed by this card.

3. You'll save 5 cents per gallon on gas

Instead of earning rewards when you fill up, the Sheetz card offers a discount on gas purchases to the tune of 5 cents per gallon. At first glance, that might sound similar to 5% cash back, but it’s a long way from earning the same value.

As of October 2023, the average price of gas per gallon in states with Sheetz locations (Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia) is $3.45. At that average, the Sheetz credit card’s 5 cents per gallon discount translates to about 1.45% savings on fuel purchases — an unimpressive rate.

🤓Nerdy Tip

MySheetz rewards loyalty members save an automatic 3 cents per gallon on gas regardless of payment method. That means if you combine the Sheetz credit card with free MySheetz membership, you’ll save a total of 8 cents per gallon.

4. Credit card points are separate from MySheetz Rewardz

Sheetz loyalists who aren’t currently credit cardholders may already be familiar with the brand’s MySheetz Rewardz program. However, it’s important to note that the Sheetz credit card earns points, not Pointz, as the credit card’s rewards program is separate from MySheetz Rewardz.

Sheetz Visa Credit card points can be redeemed as statement credit, cash back via ACH deposit, merchandise, gift certificate or select travel redemptions at a value of 1 cent each. Closed-loop Sheetz Personal Credit Card holders will be automatically issued a mailed $10 Sheetz Gift Card each time they reach a threshold of 1,000 points earned. (That’s equivalent to $200 spent inside Sheetz stores.)

5. You'll get more value combining MySheetz Rewardz with a general purpose card

Citi Custom Cash® Card
NerdWallet rating 

Even if you use Sheetz as your everyday gas station, most customers will be better off combining discounts and rewards from the free-to-join MySheetz Rewardz program with a card that offers a better cash back rate on gas.

For example, the $0-annual-fee Citi Custom Cash® Card, NerdWallet’s Best-Of Awards winner in the gas category, can earn 5% cash back on gas station purchases if you use the card primarily for this purpose. That translates to about 17 cents per gallon in cash back (based on Oct. 2023 average gas prices in the mid-Atlantic), not including the 3 cents per gallon you’ll save as a MySheetz Rewardz member.

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