What Would the Trump Economy Look Like?

The former president’s proposals have been short on details. Experts say some of the ideas he has floated could actually reignite inflation and worsen the deficit.
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Updated on July 8.

Republican National Committee releases a draft of its platform

The Republican National Committee (RNC), via the Trump campaign, released a draft of its 2024 platform to journalists on July 8. It includes 20 proposals, with half related to the economy and people’s personal finances. The proposals are vague and the platform still needs to be approved, by vote, at the RNC at its convention in Milwaukee next week. See below for a breakdown of the RNC’s platform.

Who is leading in the polls?

  • Siena College/New York Times: Trump leads Biden 49% to 43% among likely voters (July 3).

  • Yahoo News/YouGov: Trump leads Biden 45% to 43% among registered voters (July 2).

  • Reuters/Ipsos: Trump and Biden each have support from 40% of registered voters (July 2).

  • CNN/SSRS: Trump leads Biden 49% to 43% among voters (July 2).

Former President Donald Trump, aiming to win a second term in the 2024 election, is pledging to lower inflation and says he would fix the economy by cutting taxes, instituting import tariffs and more.

Although Trump has yet to release details of his overall economic plan, he has laid out his ideas in broad terms while on the campaign trail. Here are some of the major proposals he has made, along with the opinions of economists and other experts on how those promises could play out.