Target Circle: What’s New With the Retailer’s Loyalty Program

The Target Circle loyalty program is still free and easier to use, while Target Circle 360 adds access to same-day and two-day shipping for an annual fee.
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Target rolled out a new spin on Circle memberships — including changes to the original free Target Circle loyalty program, which gets easier to use. The revamp also brings, you guessed it, an Amazon Prime-like paid membership plan called Target Circle 360. An annual fee gets you access to same-day and two-day shipping. The Target-branded credit card, previously called RedCard™, gets rolled into the mix too and renamed. It’s the Target Circle™ Card now and still gives 5% cash back on Target purchases.

Target Circle Week 2024

The upgrades and new plans launched April 7 with an aptly timed Target Circle Week sales event.

What is Target Circle (the free one)?

It may sound like the convenience store version of Target, but Target Circle has been the retailer’s free loyalty and coupon program since 2019. It had some nice perks, but the primary way to score deals was kind of complicated. Previously, members would have to search for and save exclusive offers on Target’s website or the mobile app before being able to redeem the discounts online or in-store. With the revamp, available deals will be automatically applied at checkout.

The old version of Target Circle also offered members 1% cash back on all purchases, but that feature is now off the table (Target’s website says members’ previously earned rewards won’t be impacted). Target hopes auto-applying the discounts makes up for it.

Notable Circle perks

  • Access to Circle exclusive deals that are automatically applied at checkout.

  • Access to rewards opportunities (amounts unspecified at the time of writing), and personalized deals.

  • Free trials for products or services from partnering brands.

  • The ability to help direct charitable donations from Target to local organizations.

What is Target Circle 360 (the paid one)?

Target Circle 360 is an all-new paid subscription plan that costs $99 a year. This upgraded version of Target Circle is geared toward bull’s-eye loyalists and super shoppers who’ll take advantage of the primary perks that come on top of the standard Circle membership: free same-day delivery from the service Target uses — called Shipt — and access to free two-day shipping.

Notable Circle 360 perks

  • Unlimited same-day delivery on items available through the Shipt marketplace.

  • Free two-day shipping on a wide selection of items.

  • An extra 30 days to make returns, on top of Target’s standard policy.

What is the Target Circle™ Card (the plastic one)?

Target Circle™ Card is simply the Target RedCard™ renamed. Primary perks of the card remain getting an extra 5% off on Target Purchases, access to free two-day shipping and the same extended return period as Target Circle 360.

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Should you sign up for Target Circle?

Target Circle: If you buy anything from Target on a somewhat regular basis, you might as well join the free Target Circle loyalty program. That way you can be sure to get any discounts offered on products purchased when you enter your phone number at checkout. Think of it like the rewards program you use at your preferred grocery store.

Target Circle 360: Paying the $99 annual fee for Target Circle 360 may be worth it if you shop at Target often and do much of it online. Like Amazon’s Prime membership, Target’s paid plan is all about the free two-day shipping and access to same-day shipping. Conversely, if you already pay $139 a year for Amazon Prime or $98 a year for Walmart+, adding Target’s plan might be too much. The Nerdy move is to pay for the one from the retailer you use the most. Target is offering the first year of 360 for new customers at a reduced $49 rate through May 18.

Target Circle™ Card: You might want to total up the past year of your Target purchases to determine whether the Target Circle™ Card is worth it. If it’s your go-to retailer for most things, the 5% cash back could add up. Otherwise, you might be missing out on cash back cards with broader shopping options.

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