The Guide to American Airlines Executive Platinum

You can get the perks that come with this status tier through credit card spending alone, no flights necessary.

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American Airlines boasts the largest airline loyalty program with more than 115 million members. But only the most loyal members can achieve American's top-tier elite status: American Airlines Executive Platinum. For their loyalty, American rewards Executive Platinum elites with perks including first-class upgrades, lounge access, free checked bags and a 120% mileage bonus.

From all of the perks of this top-tier elite status to how you can earn it yourself, here's what you need to know about American Airlines Executive Platinum status.

American Airlines Executive Platinum perks

Sure, the bag tags are a nice flex. But the real reason to earn American Airlines Executive Platinum elite status is the perks.

Here's an overview of the benefits of American Airlines Executive Platinum:

Accelerated mileage earning rates

  • 120% mileage bonus: Earn 11 AAdvantage miles per qualifying dollar spent on American and JetBlue Airways or a 120% status bonus on qualifying partner airlines.

Free upgrades

  • First-class upgrades: Top priority for unlimited complimentary upgrades on flights within North America — including upgrades on award tickets. Upgrades clear up to 100 hours before flight departure.

  • Companion upgrades: Complimentary upgrades for one companion traveling with you on the same flight.

  • Upgrades on Alaska Airlines: Unlimited first-class upgrades on Alaska Airlines, clearing as far out as 120 hours before departure.

Airport perks

  • Free bags: Get three free checked bags on American and Alaska Airlines, two free checked bags on JetBlue, and an extra baggage allowance on other Oneworld airlines.

  • Board first: Board in Group 1 boarding.

  • Speed through the airport: Get priority check-in and priority security (where available) when flying American, JetBlue, Alaska or other Oneworld partners.

  • Top-tier lounges: Enjoy the best-available lounge when flying on qualifying routes — including American Airlines Flagship Lounges and Oneworld first class lounges.

  • Lounge membership discounts: Save $100 off the standard price of an Admirals Club membership.

Onboard perks

  • Best available economy seats: Select extra-legroom or preferred seats for free. Plus, get complimentary extra-legroom seats on JetBlue and Alaska.

  • Free alcoholic drink and snack: Upgrade didn't clear? You'll still get a free alcoholic drink and snack in economy.

Extra flexibility

  • Complimentary same-day flight change: Get free confirmed changes to another flight on the same day.

  • Guaranteed availability: Book at least 24 hours before a flight and get guaranteed seats — even on sold-out flights.

Dedicated support

The American Airlines Executive Platinum phone number is 800-843-6200. Dialing it will connect you with the Executive Platinum service desk where you can talk with representatives about reservations, upgrade options, award claims, general AAdvantage account inquiries and more.

How to become Executive Platinum on American Airlines

To earn American Airlines Executive Platinum, an AAdvantage member must earn 200,000 Loyalty Points in a status qualification year. That qualification period runs from March 1 to the end of February of the following year.

This is a simplification from the previous elite status earning system. The old system required that an AAdvantage member earn a set number of Elite Qualifying Dollars (or EQD) as well as either Elite Qualifying Miles (or EQM) or Elite Qualifying Segments (of EQS).

Under the new Loyalty Points system, you can potentially earn American Airlines Executive Platinum elite status without flying a single mile or spending a single dollar on flights. That's because you can earn Loyalty Points from several non-flying activities, including:

How much is American Airlines Executive Platinum status worth?

In the most recent NerdWallet analysis, American Airlines Executive Platinum elite status had a raw estimated value of $9,626.20. This makes it the least-valuable top-tier airline status out of the major U.S. airlines.

To determine this valuation, NerdWallet performed a comprehensive analysis of all of the perks offered by each airline's elite status. Of course, the value of any elite status will depend on how much you actually use the elite status perks — as well as personal factors like where you live.

The good news: Of all of the AAdvantage elite status levels, American Airlines Executive Platinum provides the highest return per dollar spent earning that status.

Value of benefits

Cost to earn

Return on cost









Platinum Pro




Executive Platinum




Note that the cost analysis assumes you earn elite status through flying activity. American Airlines Executive Platinum elite status can cost as little as $0 extra if you earn Loyalty Points through activities you'd otherwise do — such as through credit card spending.

What else you need to know

Fly 30 segments to unlock perks through Loyalty Choice Rewards

AAdvantage members can earn American Airlines Executive Platinum elite status without flying. However, you won't enjoy all of the perks of status if you don't fly at least 30 qualifying segments. That's because a member needs to reach this threshold to unlock Loyalty Choice Rewards.

Loyalty Choice Rewards awards elite members with a menu of customizable perks — including bonus miles and systemwide upgrades.

Elite status earning is no longer calendar-based

American Airlines used to have a standard calendar year elite status earning period. Under that system, elite status depended on the flying that you completed in the prior calendar year. But American shook this up with the move to its new Loyalty Points program.

Now, AAdvantage elite status is based on your earnings from March 1 through the end of February of the following calendar year. That elite status is valid through the end of March of the year after that.

Here's an example: If you earn 200,000 Loyalty Points between March 1, 2023, and Feb. 29, 2024, you will qualify for American Airlines Executive Platinum elite status through March 31, 2025.

American Airlines Executive Platinum status (typically) must be earned

Many airlines will entice potentially valuable flyers to switch loyalty by providing a status match. However, American doesn't offer a status match program. And even its now-paused status challenge program let AAdvantage members challenge for up to Platinum elite status only.

With that said, American has previously given away elite status to some members out of the blue. Some AAdvantage members have reported getting emails offering complimentary, "no strings attached" elite status.

Also, American Airlines offered lucky World of Hyatt Globalists American Airlines Executive Platinum elite status near the end of 2019. Unfortunately for current World of Hyatt elites, we haven't seen American Airlines do so since.

No lifetime American Airlines Executive Platinum status

American Airlines offers lifetime status through its Million Miler program. However, AAdvantage Platinum status — the program's second tier — is the highest elite status tier that a traveler can lock in for life.

You'll earn this distinction after flying two million qualifying miles. For every million miles after that, you'll be rewarded with four systemwide upgrades.

AA Executive Platinum recapped

American Airlines Executive Platinum elite status offers the best perks that American Airlines has to offer — short of its invitation-only ConciergeKey status. These top-tier elites enjoy the top priority for first-class upgrades, can check up to three bags for free, earn bonus miles, get to select the best seats for free, and have priority at check-in, boarding and security.

Plus, with the switch to the Loyalty Point qualifying system, American Airlines Executive Platinum elite status is as easy to earn as ever for some high spenders and those who know how to work the system. However, beware of the many exceptions to earning Loyalty Points.

How to maximize your rewards

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