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  • 401(k)A 401(k) is a savings and investing account for retirment. It is only offered by employers and comes with special tax benefits for long-term savings.
  • Asset AllocationAsset allocation refers to how your investments are spread across different investments types, usually to help balance risk.
  • Auto InsuranceAuto insurance is a type of insurance that covers damages resulting from a car or other vehicle accident.
  • Bank AccountsA bank account gives you a place to store and access money. Checking and savings accounts are both types of bank accounts.
  • Credit CardsA credit card is a plastic card issued by a bank or business that allows you to make purchases on credit (i.e. short-term loan).
  • Credit ScoresA credit score is calculated based on your credit history. It represents how able you are to make payments on time.
  • DebtDebt is when you owe money to a company or person.
  • DivorceDivorce is the legal process of bringing your marriage to an end. Many couples share finances, so divorce often involves financial decisions.
  • Drug CostsDrug costs refer to cost of medication perscribed by your doctor.
  • Estate planningEstate planning involves making decisions about how to take care of the people you love and the things you own in the event you become disabled or die.
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