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Healthcare involves taking care of your physical and mental well-being.

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NewPosted August 22, 2016 · New York, NY

Was the lab an out of network lab?

You have a couple of options here... NYS has a no surprise medical bill form that you can file if the lab was out ...

NewPosted August 22, 2016

Nerdwallet provides a list of medical bill advocates on their site that you can choose from.

Some work on contingency basis, flat rate and or hourly ...

NewPosted August 22, 2016

Well you have a couple of options here.

You can get medigap coverage which will cost you approx 200-300 more monthly to cover the Medicare deductible...

NewPosted August 20, 2016

I’m very sorry that you are in this difficult and distressing situation.

Did your dentist prepare a treatment plan and review it with you before begi...

NewPosted August 19, 2016

Well, you can have your medical bills audited for coding errors, compliance & pricing. You can reach out to the hospital and negotiate a uninsured di...

NewPosted August 19, 2016 · Phoenix, AZ

Here is a great site that you might want to check out They have a directory and you can search by your city & state.

I hop...

NewPosted August 19, 2016

You will want to call your insurance company and have them send the claim back through for processing stating you had no choice of anesthesiologist. ...

NewPosted August 18, 2016

Other resources that might be helpful to you are the website, where I found Louisville Health Advocates (502-637-2579)—no website o...

NewPosted August 16, 2016

So frustrating right!

The truth in the matter is that providers can turn accounts over to collection whenever they want to but with that being said...

NewPosted August 15, 2016

If in fact it was coded incorrectly your insurance company was correct in denying the services.

Did your insurance company provide you with an explan...

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