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Personal finance refers to all the money matters that a person or family deals with including saving, spending, and other money decisions.
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Posted February 15, 2017

Just because the IRS "claims" you owe a tax debt, does not mean that you do. If a return was filed incorrectly creating the liability, then it can be ...

Posted January 19, 2017

You can also just open a taxable brokerage account. Buy 10 to 20 individual stocks and let them ride. I'd only invest in stocks that are part of the S...

Posted January 19, 2017 · Lafayette, LA

I only just noticed this question. You may not want to put it in your name. Assuming your parents will be leaving this home to you when you pass away,...

Posted January 19, 2017
Dave Anthony

Dave Anthony


Maybe--you can only find the correct answer to that question by doing a thorough analysis of what your options are and what retirement assets you have...

Posted January 18, 2017 · Richmond, VA
Adam Funk

Adam Funk


You make huge coin for a 23yo...start banking it! Stop paying extra towards student loans and instead direct it towards savings. There are 1% down con...

Posted January 18, 2017 · Washington, DC

I agree with Adam Harding's advise. Paying off your mortgage will provide you with an extra $540 per money, a peace of mind, and increased financial...

Posted January 18, 2017 · Louisville, KY
Linda Jacob

Linda Jacob


Even if you sell the car or trade it in, you will still be responsible for the difference between the trade and sale and what you owe. Add that to th...

Posted January 17, 2017

Sell some winners to offset the loss.

Posted January 17, 2017 · Atlanta, GA
James Kinney

James Kinney


Agree with the others. Talk to the credit card company BEFORE it goes into collection and ask for some kind of restructuring. A lower interest rate ...

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