Divorce and Money

Making sense of your finances before, during and after divorce

Even when a divorce is amicable, it’s difficult. You’ll have many questions as you prepare to end the marriage, separate your finances and begin a new life as a single-income household. Click on a link below to learn how to manage your money during this stressful time.

Preparing for Divorce

Ready Your Finances for Divorce

7 Ways to Ready Your Finances for Divorce

Here’s what to know before you start the process


3 Ways Divorce Can Affect Your Credit Score

Learn what your credit score is in for

Do’s and Don’ts of Keeping Assets Separate in Marriage

How combining finances or keeping assets separate may affect you

3 Tips for Money Management While Separated

You’re not divorced, but not together. How to manage the in-between stage

During the Divorce

How to Untangle Your Finances in a Divorce

How to Untangle Your Finances In a Divorce

Your credit accounts, home and investments: Here are your options for dividing it

Save When Moving Without a Little Help From Your Friends

How to Handle Your Home During a Divorce

The home is the biggest asset for many couples. Know your options


Splitting Insurance During a Divorce

What you need to know about separating your insurance coverage

6 Critical Steps to Prepare Your Finances for Divorce

Don’t Let Divorce Sabotage Your Retirement Plans

How to handle your retirement planning and accounts

Post-Divorce Finances

How to Assess Credit Card Needs After Divorce

Assessing Your Credit Card Needs After a Divorce

Take stock of your credit card accounts, decide which to keep and whether to open new ones

NerdWallet's Best Citi Credit Cards of 2017

How to Rebuild Your Credit After Divorce

It’s not uncommon for your credit score to tank during divorce

Health Insurance: Qualifying Life Events and Special Enrollment Periods

Divorce qualifies you for enrollment outside of annual open enrollment

How to Lower Your Bills

How To Lower Your Bills

Here are tips to trim expenses as you go from two incomes to one

Newly Single: How Healthy Are Your Finances?


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