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Borrower Beware: Performance SLC LLC

You never have to pay for student loan help when plenty of free options exist.
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Performance SLC is one of more than 130 so-called “debt relief” businesses that we’ve placed on the NerdWallet Student Loan Watch List for illegal or questionable dealings.

You never have to pay this company or any other for student loan help. You can get legitimate student loan help for free through the Department of Education or your student loan servicer.

Why we flagged this business

Performance SLC LLC and its owner, Daniel J. Crenshaw, have had outstanding debts and liens for unpaid taxes, which tie up a debtor’s assets until the money owed is paid. California business records show that several state tax liens were filed against Performance SLC in 2017, totaling nearly $26,000. Crenshaw has also been involved in three businesses that were suspended by the California Franchise Tax Board for failing to meet tax obligations.

What about other ‘debt relief’ companies?

The Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau have been cracking down on “debt relief” companies that rip off student-loan holders, but the agencies struggle to bring action against every business. Such companies often charge borrowers to fill out free government applications, or pocket money paid to service loans. These scams can push borrowers into default on their student debt and leave their credit ruined.

NerdWallet started its Student Loan Watch List in 2017 to flag the student-loan businesses hit by enforcement actions, court judgments or liens, or bad ratings from the Better Business Bureau.

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