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What to Wear to a Marketing, Sales or Finance Job Interview

June 5, 2015
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It’s key to look your best for every interview you go on, but corporate environments require the highest level of professionalism. Suits, and ties for the guys, are the name of the game for both women and men in these industries.

After working so hard on getting an interview, don’t let something as simple as your outfit hurt your chances of getting the job.

“Typically those work environments are more strict on what they wear to work every day,” says Anne Lewis, director of sales for Betts Recruiting, headquartered in San Francisco.

What to Wear to a Marketing, Sales or Finance Job Interview

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But not just any suit will do; make sure it’s fitted, tailored and on-trend. It should pass the “I could go out in this suit later” test, says Jennifer Hasche, university recruiting manager for Intuit. Dress shoes are a must, and women should go with flats or a low heel to keep it professional.

When it comes to your overall look, men should show up clean-shaven and women should wear their hair tied back, Hasche says. “Focus more on the content you’re delivering as a candidate, how you’re interacting as a candidate, versus anything that might be distracting about your hair,” she says.

Hasche also recommends keeping any jewelry you wear simple and muted, and wearing glasses if you generally wear contacts. “If you have any last-minute contact issues, it’s going to be really stressful and uncomfortable,” she says.

A job interview is the time to look and feel your most confident and put-together, so there’s no doubt you’re the best candidate your employer will see.


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