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Listen to the latest episode: I Got Laid Off. What Should I Do With My Retirement Fund?

Getting your retirement account squared away is just one of the many tasks facing the newly unemployed, but it’s an important one. Rolling the money into an IRA could be the best choice, particularly if your former employer isn’t allowing the new “coronavirus hardship withdrawals.” Read more…

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Where Have All the 0% Offers Gone?

It used to be easy for people with good credit scores to get 0% balance transfer offers. As lenders pull back, those with credit card debt may need alternative plans to deal with their balances. Read more…

How Can I Buy My First Home in an Expensive City?

Being a first-time homeowner can be daunting, especially in a pricey market like Southern California. Chris Browning of the Popcorn Finance podcast has questions about what to expect, and he turns to the Nerds for some answers. Read more…

Where’s My Coronavirus Relief Check?

Most American adults are eligible for government relief checks of $1,200, but many are still waiting for their money — plus the usual advice about what to do with a windfall doesn’t apply in a crisis. Sean and Liz discuss how to find out where your payment is and put it to the best use. Read more…

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