NerdWallet Guide: What You Need To Rent An Apartment

Make your rental application shine. Get your free credit report and a few other important things together so you can jump when you find the perfect place.

Assemble documents ahead of time

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1) Credit report

Some landlords charge a fee to run your credit (here’s what they’re looking for), so have copies of your free credit report from NerdWallet ready to go.

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2) Proof of income

Recent pay stubs, bank account statements or tax returns can help prove you make enough money to afford the rent.

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3) Employment history

Landlords like stable job histories, so offer a copy of your resume or a link to your LinkedIn profile.

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4) Landlord references & rental history

Save your current landlord’s contact info and a couple of your previous addresses in your phone so you’ll have them handy.

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5) Personal & professional references

Ask people you trust to vouch for what a good tenant you’d be, and let your boss know you’re apartment-hunting (in case a landlord calls).

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Understand how landlords compare your profile to other applicants

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