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Big 5 Sporting Goods Black Friday 2013 Ad – Find the Best Big 5 Sporting Goods Black Friday Deals and Sales

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NerdWallet analyzes the news and reviews of Black Friday 2013. Stay tuned if you have yet to see your preferred retail store!

Big 5 Sporting Goods Black Friday 2013

The wait is over – the Big 5 Sporting Goods Black Friday 2013 ad leak is here! In this ten-page ad, shoppers can find ways to save on exercise equipment and accessories, sporting goods, apparel, footwear and even some toys. While discount on outdoor and athletic clothing are average, the store’s selections of both footwear and firearms are well worth checking out.

In spite of being named Big 5 Sporting Goods’ “Thanksgiving Super Sale”, this event won’t be starting on Thanksgiving day, unlike some retailers’ holiday promotions. The sale will begin with Early Bird specials, running from 5am to 4pm on Black Friday, with lesser discounts available all the way through Sunday.

Big 5 Sporting Goods Black Friday Ad Scans

Big 5 Sporting Goods Best Black Friday Deals 2013

The Big 5 Sporting Goods 2013 Black Friday ad offers plenty of gift options when it comes to outdoor and athletic gear and apparel. If any one category stands out for its large selection, it’s footwear – boots, sneakers and even some slippers are available to excellent prices. Here are some of Big 5 Sporting Goods’ best deals on footwear:

  • Denali Incite Hiking Shoes: $19.99 (reg. $49.99)
  • All Clark’s Men’s Casual Shoes: $39 (reg. $84.99)
  • Denali Ridge Hiking Shoes: $15 (reg. $42.99)
  • LA Gear Paramount Running Shoes: $21.99 (reg. $54.99)
  • Coleman Ratchet ST Work Boots: $29 (reg. $64.99)
  • LA Gear Thrive Running Shoes: $19 (reg. $49.99)
  • Starter Intensity Running Shoes: $17 (reg. $49.99)
  • Harsh Chaos Skate Shoes: $16.99 (reg. $44.99)
  • Coleman Runestone Youth Hiking Boots: $19.99 (reg. $39.99)
  • Coleman Thunder Bay Casual Shoes: $19.99 (reg. $54.99)
  • Pro Player Tomahawk Youth Basketball Shoes: $19.99 (reg. $49.99)
  • Phat Farm Blast 2 Basketball Lifestyle Shoes: $19.99 (reg. $49.99)
Firearms are another well-represented category:
  • Remington 770 7mm Mag or .30-06 Bolt-Action Rifle Combo: $299.99 (reg. $459.99)
  • Mossberg Tactical .22LR Rimfire Semi-Auto Rifle: $250 (reg. $319.99)
  • Ruger 10/22 .22LR Rimfire Carbine: $275 (reg. $329.99)
  • Colt M4 Ops .22LR Rimfire Cartridge Semi-Automatic Rifle: $529 (reg. $749.99)
  • Gamo Rocket .177 Pellet Rifle Combo: $119 (reg. $249.99)
A surprisingly decent selection of toys is one of the event’s less expected highlights:
  • Gravity Sky Cat Remote Controlled Helicopter: $35 (after sale: $59.99)
  • NKOK Radio-Controlled Cars or Trucks: $10 (after sale: $19.99)
  • Blue Hat Radio-Controlled Monster Truck: $9 (after sale: $19.99)
  • Blue Hat Radio-Controlled Vengeance Car: $24 (after sale $39.99)
  • Nerf Vortex Praxis Disc Blaster: $19 (after sale: $34.99)
  • Silverback Mini Basketball Hoop with Ball: $25 (after sale: $49.99)

Best Big 5 Sporting Goods Black Friday Deals from 2012 

Big 5 Sporting Goods opened its doors for Black Friday at 5am last year and continued its sale all weekend. Saturday’s sale started at 9am and Sunday’s at 10am. An incentive for the most eager shoppers to get there Friday morning was the early bird specials, which had a generous window of time from 5am until 4pm. Interestingly, everything in the ad had an early bird price and a post-early bird price, so in order to get the quality sports equipment or gear at the best discount, earlier was much better than later.

Fitness machines definitely stood out as a specialty for Big 5’s Black Friday 2012 ad. Here were some strong selections at the weekend prices:

  • $99 Body Power Inversion System (50% off)
  • $179.99 Body Champ Magnetic Recumbent Bike (25% off)
  • $119 Everlast 2-Station Heavy Bag Stand (20% off)
  • $159.99 Body Rider Magnetic Elliptical Trainer (20% off)
  • $99.99 Bench with 80-lb. Weight Set (33.3% off)

Now here is the same list in the same order—but with the early bird prices:

  • $79 Inversion System (60.4% off)
  • $159 Bike (33.7% off)
  • $99 Heavy Bag Stand (33.9% off)
  • $139 Elliptical Trainer (30.5% off)
  • $89 Bench + Weight Set (40.6% off)

Comparing the two lists, the early bird prices took off up to 10.5% more than weekend prices. The best deals certainly did not come later in the weekend.

The other specialty for Big 5’s Black Friday 2012 specials fell into the category of shoes. Three columns under “Super Shoe Savings” revealed numerous shoes under $25, under $35, and under $50. If you were looking for walking, running, basketball, skater, or various other types of shoes, there was a wide distribution of discounted shoes available for purchase. And don’t forget boots, such as the BearPaw ‘Dorado 430’ Short Boots at 33.3%-50% off.

Outside the deals on fitness equipment and shoes, there were several honorable mentions. One fantastic purchase for golfers was the Power Bilt ‘TPS LCG’ Driver club at $39 for early birds and $49.99 for others—with the original price of $129.99. For those inclined to stretch after workouts, the Go Fit 24” High-Density Foam Roller went for $19 for early birds and $24 for others, down from $29.99. Finally, for the young and the young at heart, the 40” Mini Trampoline went for $29 and for the weekend $39.99, which was $20-30 off the original price. If athletically inclined, remember that Big 5 has competitive discounts for the sport of your choice.

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Big 5 Sporting Goods Black Friday Store Hours

Big 5 Sporting Goods’ Black Friday store hours will run from at 5am to 4pm on the 29th, with lesser deals available until 9pm that night, as well as from 9am to 9pm on Saturday, and 9am to 8pm Sunday. Check out store hours for other popular retail outlets at our Black Friday store hours page!