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Holiday Shopping On A Budget: 10 Wallet-Friendly & Unique Gifts Under $50

Dec. 12, 2013
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When holiday shopping is just around the corner, budgeting is an important aspect to consider for your holiday shopping money. Whether you have a few or multiple people to buy presents for, a budget can help you stay on track with your spending, stay within your means and have an easier time finding great gifts for the special people in your life. If you’re looking for wonderful, unique gifts for under $50, here’s the to-go guide for you! The variety of handmade items from indie artisans will help you discover creative, imaginative goodies that can be the best gifts your recipients have ever received. Check out more of our indie seller coupons to find other fabulous indie sellers and savings.

 No. 111 Tribal Arc Necklace

by Jonelle Maira

Give your outfits a modern twist with Jonelle Maira’s No. 111 Tribal Arc necklace! This necklace presents a wide arc made from brass block beads and vintage Belgian sequins. In colors of teal, black, white and brown, these cool colors will bring a modern and trendy embellishment to your everyday attire.

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 Mason Herb Garden Gift Set

by Makers Kit

Want to grow your own herbs but don’t have the space or skill to do so? With the Makers Kit’s mason herb garden gift set, you can have fresh herbs right in your kitchen quickly and easily! This kit includes mason jars with layers of perlite, pea pebbles and organic soil to help grow the herbs effectively. Four mason jars and herb seeds for parsley, basil, cilantro and clover are also included in this mason herb garden gift set.

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 Fused Glass Plate

by Mediums To Masses

Color your home with Mediums To Masses’ fused glass plate! Made with fused glass scraps in various, coordinating colors, this fused glass plate add a burst of freshness and color anywhere, from the bathroom to the kitchen. You can also use it for a soap dish or a snack plate! Find other fused glass home decor items in
Mediums To Masses shop.  

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Victorian 134

by Calico Juno Designs

Accessorize with Calico Juno Designs’ Victorian 134 earrings! With gold hoops linked to dangling pale green chalcedony gemstones, these feminine and elegant earrings for any occasion. This pair of earrings comes in 14k gold filled or sterling silver.

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One Dozen Strawberry Buttercream Macaroons

by La Petite Sucre

Indulge in soft and creamy strawberry buttercream macaroons from La Petite Sucre for under $50! Made with rich and quality ingredients, this set of one dozen strawberry buttercream macaroons make a great, comforting gift for the sweet tooth in your life. La Petite Sucre also has macaroon gift boxes so that you can box these delicious sweets as gifts for friends and family. Find other mouthwatering macaroon flavors in La Petite Sucre’s shop, such as salted caramel and lemon curd.

Olive Colored Infinity Scarf With Leather Cuff

by Babers

Accessorize in Babers’ olive-colored infinity scarf! Created from jersey knit fabric, this neutral colored scarf goes well with bright colors, such as salmon pink, or other neutral colors, such as white and navy blue. To add to this already trendy scarf, a leather cuff is placed on the scarf along with a large, rustic wooden button for a down-to-earth look. Babers has a large collection of scarves in various designs and colors, so you can find scarves that fit many people in your life and present them as gifts to them!

 Eco-Friendly Rubber Bike Tube Pencil Case

by Moab Bag Company

Store your writing utensils or other belongings in Moab Bag Company’s recycled rubber bike tube case! This case is uniquely crafted out of a rubber bike tube and is made to look like a spiral. The zipper runs all the way down to the end of the case, which gives you lots of levels of opening the case. From a child just starting school to an avid biker who likes to draw or be organized, this rubber bike tube pencil case is a fun and innovative gift for anyone on your list.

 Monogrammed Hoodie Sweatshirt

by Beach Bum USA

Warm up this winter in a fashionable and personalized hooded sweatshirt from Beach Bum USA! With a hood and small U-shaped neckline, this trendy hoodie can be worn on any casual occasion, from running errands or camping outside at night. Choose the color of the hoodie, font of the monogram, color of the monogram and embroidery location to customize the perfect hoodie sweatshirt for you.

Relaxation Gift For Men

by The Ferris Wheels

After a stressful day at work, let your man relax with The Ferris Wheels’ relaxation set for men! This set includes neck, feet and eye cool/heat packs in a navy blue and tan color. Filled with rice and flaxseed, this eco-friendly relaxation set is the best way to keep warm in the winter and relaxed during those stressful times.

 Silver Initial Bar Necklace

by M. Frances Jewelry

Give a stylish and personal jewelry item this holiday season! From M. Frances Jewelry, this simple yet classy silver bar pendant necklace is hand-stamped with your chosen initial for a personalized accessory. You can choose to have the letter initial in lowercase Courier or uppercase block font. Find other accessories you can personalize in M. Frances Jewelry’s shop.

Even though you’re shopping on a budget, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find a gift that’s suitable for the recipient. However, it’s important to know what gift item you’re looking for, knowing how much it costs,  if the gift will be meaningful to the recipient and if the costs fits within your budget. Keep yourself focused by creating a list of people you plan to give presents to this holiday season and how much you want to spend on each person. By doing so, you focus more on your budget and how much you spend while also putting more thought into quality presents that fit into your budget. Happy shopping and money saving!

Written by Emily Nguyen, a core contributor to NerdWallet Shopping.