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How To Share a Link To Your Coupons From Storenvy

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Now that have listed your Storenvy coupons on our Indie coupon tool, how do you promote your store so that more shoppers see your coupons and shop at your store? By sharing a link to your coupons from your shop, you’ll get more exposure and traffic to your store from the millions of NerdWallet Indie visitors. You’ll unlock new features like adding product pictures to your coupons and getting featured on the homepage and more!

So how do you share a link to your coupons from Storenvy? If you have a blog or website outside of Storenvy, follow this step by step guide to link to your coupons from your website.

If you do not have a blog or website outside of your Storenvy shop, follow the simple steps below to share a link to your coupons from your Storenvy shop. It would be helpful to have two browser windows or tabs open – one window with Storenvy and one window with NerdWallet Indie.

Step 1: Copy your Coupon Page URL from your NerdWallet Dashboard

In your NerdWallet Dashboard, click the “Share with Friends” tab. Then click the “Share with Friends” button.

Share with Friends

A new “Share about NerdWallet Indie with your Friends!” window will popup. Then click the “Or add a regular link” link near the bottom of the popup window. Copy your coupon page URL from Step 2: Copy your Coupon Page URL where it says “This is the page you’ll be linking to.” It should look like but with your actual shop name instead of “YourShopName.”

How to link to your coupons from Storenvy - Nerdwallet Add a Link

Now open Storenvy in a different browser window.

Step 2: Go to your Storenvy Dashboard Settings

Log into your Storenvy account and go to your Dashboard on the upper right corner of the screen.

How to link to your coupons from Storenvy_- Storenvy Dashboard

Then click on the Settings tab to open the settings for your shop.

How to link to your coupons from Storenvy - Storenvy Settings Tab

Step 3: Add a Link to your Coupons to your Storenvy Settings

Here in your Storenvy Settings, you can upload your Store Avatar, add your store Descriptions, and also add links from your Storenvy shop to your website, Facebook fan page, and also to your Coupons page on NerdWallet. Scroll to the bottom of the Settings screen to the Links section and click the “+ Add” button.

How to link to your coupons from Storenvy - Storenvy Add Links

New Name and URL fields appear when you click the Add button. In the Name field, enter “Coupons” or any label you’d like for your link. In the URL field, paste the link to your Coupons page on NerdWallet that you copied in Step 1.

How to link to your coupons from Storenvy

You can click the “+ Add” button again to add more links to you website and Facebook and Twitter fan pages here too.

Once you have finished adding links, click the “Save Changes” button.

Now you have a “Coupons” button on your Storenvy store front that links to your Coupons page in NerdWallet!

How to link to your coupons from Storenvy - Link on Storenvy

Step 4: Test the Link in NerdWallet Indie

Go back to your Dashboard on NerdWallet. Enter your Storenvy shop URL in Step 1 where it says “Enter the location here.”

 How to link to your coupons from Storenvy - NerdWallet screen

Click the “Test Now” button to test that your link works.

That’s it!

Now, you can go edit your coupons and add an image and up to three tags to each of your coupons! Enjoy all the other new feature available to you that give you increased exposure for your Storenvy shop and  coupons!

If you encounter any issues, please email us at [email protected].

New Features:

  • Get listed on the homepage.
    Benefits of Being Featured - Get Listed on the Homepage
  • Prime category listing at the top of your category page
    Benefits of Being Featured - Prime Category Listing
  • Top priority display in user searches
    Top Priority Display in Searches
  • Get promoted through deal emails
    Get Promoted Through Deal Emails
  • Add a product image to each of your coupons
    Benefits of Being Featured - Product Images in Coupons

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at [email protected].