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Is a Ninja NJ600 Blender a Good Summer Gift?

June 12, 2014
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Everyone loves a gift, whether it’s for a birthday, a wedding, a baby shower or a housewarming. Sometimes, however, finding that perfect gift, can be difficult a difficult task, but one item to consider giving is a blender, such as the 1000-watt Ninja NJ600.

Who Would Appreciate a Blender?

If the person you are buying a gift for already has a blender, you are going to want to go back to the drawing board, but if he doesn’t or his old blender is starting to show wear and tear, you will be happy to know that just about anyone could use a high-powered blender, like the Ninja NJ600, which features a BPA-free, 72-oz pitcher.

Moms or moms-to-be could especially use a Ninja NJ600 since the kitchen appliance is capable of making fruit smoothies, which kids love. The blender can also help hide ‘yucky’ veggies in dishes like pasta sauce and mashed potatoes and they can use their blender to hide vitamins in delights like applesauce. The blender can also assist in making fresh baby food.

A person who enjoys entertaining would also benefit from a Ninja NJ600. Since the kitchen appliance can crush ice like nobody’s business, they can make frozen drinks all night, but they can also use it to help them prepare for a summer get together by using their blender to make BBQ sauce, dips and even fruit salad.

If that special someone enjoys cooking, you will absolutely want to purchase a Ninja NJ600 for them since they will be able to use it to make all their favorite recipes, from soups to muffins to peanut butter.

When to Give A Blender

With Consumer, reporting that a Ninja NJ600 costs between $88.96 and $121.96 — not inexpensive —  you will want to make sure you are gifting not only to the right person, but at the right time.

For example, you may not want to give your girlfriend or boyfriend a blender as an anniversary gift or as a birthday present unless you know for sure that he/she would really benefit and be happy to receive a blender as a gift.  However, a Ninja NJ600 will be well received as a wedding or engagement gift since the newly married couple will need appliances to fill up their kitchen.

A Ninja NJ600 would also be a great item to give at a baby shower since there are so many uses for it for a mom as stated above.

But, you can also consider giving the Ninja NJ600 as a holiday gift or even a house warming surprise.