Interviewing at NerdWallet

Looking to nail your interview? We’ve put together some helpful interview tips and tricks along with common questions you might have about life at NerdWallet.

Preparing for your virtual interview:

Find a quiet area, with strong and reliable internet.
Run a quick check of all necessary equipment (mic, video, Wi-Fi, etc).
Join your Zoom interview a few minutes early.
Once you join, you won’t need to leave until your interview is concluded.
Remain focused on the conversation. Avoid having multiple screens open.
If you need help with anything, reach out to your recruiting partner.

Questions you might hear in your interview:

Some pro tips from the NerdWallet team:

Your recruiter is here for you.
Reach out for help at any point leading up to your interview.

Looking to learn more about who we are as a company?
Here’s a preview:

Our Mission

Confident financial decisions stem from clarity. Our mission is to provide the tools, information, and insight people need to navigate all of life's financial decisions. So they can easily find what they need and get back to life.

To read more about NerdWallet's journey, find a letter from CEO and Co-Founder, Tim Chen, here.

Our Values

Our values shape everything we do. They’re not just words written on a wall, but lived and breathed every day by every Nerd.
Consumer, Company, Team, Self
We lean on each other to succeed. Understanding different viewpoints and celebrating our coworkers' wins lead to stronger decisions and teams.
Relentless Self-Improvement
We take responsibility for getting better every day. We humbly embrace what we don't know and aren't afraid to ask questions.
Open, Candid, and Constructive
We are active participants in every interaction. We share feedback with clarity and receive feedback with courage.
Informed Risk-Taking
We set actionable goals that challenge the status quo, knowing it’s safe to fail so long as we learn along the way.
We ask, “What can I do to improve the results?” and view challenges as opportunities to find the right solution.

Remote First

While we’ve got offices in San Francisco, New York, and the UK, we’ve transitioned to a remote-first workplace with most of our jobs offered as fully remote from anywhere in the U.S.

Plus, all Nerds receive a generous stipend to create a home office, with increased flexibility for parents, and much more.

Supporting our Nerds

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Programs at NerdWallet

At NerdWallet, we aspire to provide people with the confidence they need to live their best lives—however they identify. This means fostering an inclusive culture that allows all Nerds to grow their skills, contribute, and thrive with the confidence of belonging.

Visit our DEI page to learn about our current and ongoing efforts.

Nerdy perks and benefits

With competitive health insurance for you and your whole family, mental health support, retirement plans, a commitment to employee growth, plus a great work-life balance, our benefits help our Nerds remain exceptional.
Learn more here.

NerdWallet Leadership

Our leaders have crafted a culture where every Nerd can make a lasting impact. Their commitment to ownership and growth sets the stage for teams to chase individual opportunities while pushing NerdWallet forward.
Learn more here.

We aspire to help consumers and companies access the right financial products to unlock equal economic opportunity through our Corporate Responsibility Program which launched in 2021.

Our CEO and co-founder, Tim Chen was awarded Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business for this work. Learn more about the program here.

We are proud to be recognized as a Top Place to Work by:

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