7 Best Financial Advisors in Denver

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Denver residents looking for a local financial advisor will find plenty of options — there are over 800 investment advisors within 25 miles of the city, according to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s investment advisor firm search tool.

A large selection is ultimately a good thing, but it doesn’t necessarily make things easier on investors who are looking for a Denver financial advisor — it can be difficult to narrow down the options when there are so many.

We’ve sifted through advisor Form ADVs — the disclosure document investment advisors must file with the SEC and state regulatory agencies — as well as financial advisor websites to find the best financial advisors in Denver based on key metrics. Our methodology:

  • Assets under management: The total amount of assets managed by the financial advisor firm. A high AUM figure typically indicates advisor experience and stability. 

  • Total clients and age of firm: A large client base and lengthy firm history can be another indicator of advisor experience and firm stability. 

  • The client-to-advisor ratio: Generally speaking, the fewer clients per advisor at the firm, the more individualized attention you can expect to receive. Financial advisor firms that have a high client-to-advisor ratio may be stretched too thin or struggle to provide timely responses compared with firms with lower client-to-advisor ratios. 

  • The percentage of clients that are high net worth: We’ve weeded out Denver firms that only work with high-net-worth clients, to ensure the firms on our list are accessible. We’re looking for well-rounded firms that can handle a variety of financial situations. (Form ADV defines high net worth as someone who is a qualified client under the Investment Company Act of 1940

    . The thresholds in that act are occasionally adjusted for inflation, but are currently a net worth of $2,200,000 or assets under management of $1,100,000.)

  • The advisor’s fee structure: Our analysis eliminated Denver financial advisors that earn commissions for offering certain financial products, which introduces a conflict of interest, and includes only fee-only financial advisors. Advisors rank the highest in this category if they offer a flat fee option — for example, hourly or per financial plan rates — in addition to charging a percentage of assets under management. (Learn more about financial advisor fees.) In addition, advisors get extra points if they clearly state their fee structure on their website. 

  • Credentials and fiduciary duty: Denver financial advisor firms scored higher in our analysis if they have certified financial planners on staff — the most well-regarded certification for financial advisors — and are fiduciaries, which means they’ve pledged to put client interests above their own. 

Top 7 Denver financial advisors

On the criteria above, these seven financial advisors made the top of our list. All of these financial advisor firms are fiduciaries with at least some advisors who have CFP credentials. Many also have chartered financial analysts or certified public accountants on staff. None of the advisors on our list earns a commission by selling investments or other financial products. (Note: discretionary AUM refers to assets managed on behalf of clients. Some financial advisors advise on, but do not directly manage, client assets as well. This is referred to as non-discretionary AUM and isn’t included here.)

1. GHP Investment Advisors

Discretionary AUM: $2,368,217,940 (as of Dec. 2023). 

About this advisor: GHP Investment Advisors offers a range of fee models, including a straightforward, flat fee for an initial financial plan that is based on the complexity of a client’s needs. The firm charges a percentage of assets under management for investment management, with reduced fees on higher account sizes. GHP provides financial planning, portfolio management and financial concierge services and clearly lists fees on its website. GHP also stands out for its low client-to-advisor ratio, especially notable here given the high AUM.

2. Sharkey Howes & Javer

Discretionary AUM: $824,658,255 (as of Dec. 2023).

About this advisor: SHJ Wealth Advisors offers financial planning, investment management and administration of employer-sponsored retirement plans for business owners, including 401(k) plans and profit-sharing plans. The firm clearly states its fees on its website, and offers a flat fee for financial planning that varies by complexity, in addition to charging AUM-tiered fees for investment management that reduce as portfolio value increases.

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3. Denver Private Wealth Management

Discretionary AUM: $582,955,185 (as of Dec. 2023).

About this advisor: Denver Private Wealth Management offers wealth management and financial planning, as well as niche services such as charitable planning and estate planning. The company charges both flat fees for financial plans and an AUM fee for portfolio management, which can vary by account size, complexity, trading frequency and other factors.

4. Wambolt & Associates Wealth Management Partners

Discretionary AUM: $548,150,508 (as of Dec. 2023)

About this advisor: Wambolt & Associates offers comprehensive financial planning and investment management, as well as tax planning, estate planning and insurance guidance. The firm also has expertise in alternative investment strategies, such as art, private REITs and qualified opportunity zones. Wambolt & Associates has fixed fee structures, and offers a few helpful calculators on its website.

5. Private Capital Management

Discretionary AUM: $1,739,578,553 (as of Dec. 2023). 

About this advisor: Private Capital Management is headquartered in Denver, but has offices in Boulder and Longmont, Colorado, as well as an office in Dallas. The company serves individuals and small-business owners and offers financial planning, tax and estate planning, and investment management services. It stood out in our analysis for having a low client-to-advisor ratio, despite having very high assets under management and a large client base.

6. Janiczek Wealth Management

Discretionary AUM: $1,122,588,671 (as of Dec. 2023). 

About this advisor: Janiczek Wealth Management focuses primarily on high-net-worth investors, with a larger percentage of clients that are high net worth than other advisors on this list. Because of that, it has extensive experience with situations including business succession planning, real estate investing and deferred compensation. The firm also offers wealth management, financial planning and retirement planning. Like other advisors, Janiczek charges an AUM fee that is reduced at larger account balances, as well as flat fees for financial and retirement planning.

7. G&S Capital

Discretionary AUM: $338,004,600 (as of Dec. 2023). 

About this advisor: G&S Capital says it typically serves clients with investment portfolios of $500,000 or more, and offers investment management, financial planning and retirement plan administration for business owners. G&S Capital uses both an AUM fee and hourly charges. Like other advisors, the AUM fee is reduced at larger account sizes.


NerdWallet’s comprehensive evaluation process for this list analyzes and ranks financial advisory firms that operate in Denver, Colorado. Our aim is to provide an independent assessment of providers to help arm you with information to make sound, informed judgments on which ones will best meet your needs. We adhere to strict guidelines for editorial integrity.

We collect data directly from provider Form ADV filings and their websites. Our hands-on research fuels a proprietary assessment process that starts with a list of Denver-based advisors and scores each across nine different factors, including assets under management, age of firm, client-to-advisor ratio, fee structure and advisor credentials. We only list advisors that are fee-only — meaning they do not earn a commission from selling investments or other products to clients — and fiduciaries.

We do not assign a star rating to local financial advisors, but advisors are listed in order of their overall ranking in our analysis.

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