Can You Refinance Student Loans With Chase Bank?

You can’t refinance student loans with Chase Bank, but many other lenders offer this option.
Ryan Lane
By Ryan Lane 
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Can You Refinance Student Loans With Chase Bank?

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JPMorgan Chase doesn’t refinance student loans. But you can refinance existing Chase student loans with a different bank, as well as with credit unions and online lenders.

Before refinancing Chase student loans, check whether they’re federal or private — Chase used to offer both.

Refinancing federal loans means you give up options like income-driven repayment plans. But there’s little downside to refinancing private Chase student loans if you can qualify for a lower interest rate.

How to refinance Chase student loans

If you took out private student loans from Chase, you can refinance them with many lenders that specialize in refinancing. Compare multiple student loan refinance lenders to find the lowest interest rate possible.

To qualify with any refinance lender, you’ll typically need:

  • Good credit — a FICO score in at least the high 600s.

  • Steady income, with a debt-to-income ratio below 50%.

  • To meet additional requirements, like having graduated from college.

If your Chase student loans are from before 2010, they may be federal loans. If your loans are listed in your account, then they’re federal and have additional options.

  • You can still refinance federal Chase student loans. You can only refinance with a private lender. You'll lose federal benefits, but refinancing can make sense if your goal is to decrease your loan’s interest rate and save money overall.

  • But you can also consolidate federal student loans from Chase. Consolidation won’t lower your interest rate or save you money, but it can qualify your existing federal loans for additional repayment plans and programs, such as Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

Both consolidation and refinancing can increase your repayment term. Because your federal student loans from Chase may have been in repayment for close to a decade, make sure opting for either option doesn’t lead to you paying more overall.

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Does Chase Bank still do student loans?

Chase Bank does not currently offer any type of student loan product, but that wasn’t always the case.

Federal student loans were available from Chase and other banks, including Bank of America and U.S. Bank, via the Federal Family Education Loan program until 2010. Chase also offered its banking customers private student loans until 2013.

In 2017, Chase Bank sold its remaining student loan portfolio — which included federal and private student loans — to the student loan servicer Navient.

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