How to Add TSA PreCheck to Your Airline Ticket

Find your flight reservation and add your TSA PreCheck number in the Known Traveler Number field.
Lee HuffmanAug 16, 2021

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Now that you've signed up for TSA PreCheck membership through the Transportation Security Administration, it's time to start taking advantage of your benefits.

Since airlines aren't automatically alerted that you're now a member of the pre-clearance security program, you'll have to ensure your TSA PreCheck membership information is added — and correct — on future travel bookings. Then, you can use the dedicated security lanes at the airport.

Here's how to add PreCheck to a ticket before your next flight, broken down by four major airlines.

TSA PreCheck is a membership-based program that enables travelers to use . You can keep your shoes, belts and light jackets on, plus laptops and 3-1-1 liquids can stay in your carry-on bags during screening at participating airports.

To apply, you'll pay a fee, submit personal information for a background check and attend an in-person interview. The application fee is $85, and membership is good for five years, which breaks down to $17 per year; however, many .

Each airline has its own process for adding to a ticket or to your frequent flyer profile. Adding it to a ticket won't guarantee that your PreCheck number will be automatically applied to your next reservation.

Southwest flyers can add their PreCheck membership info at several steps.

Enter your PreCheck number during the booking process. After you've selected your flight dates and times, you'll enter your name in the "Who's Flying?" section. Below that, there is a dropdown menu for "Secure Traveler Information." Click that button and then enter your PreCheck number in the "Known Traveler #" field. This will ensure that your PreCheck number will be submitted along with your information to TSA's Secure Flight system for processing.

How do you add TSA PreCheck to a ticket on Southwest that is already booked? For existing reservations, you can manually edit each flight to add your PreCheck number before check-in or call customer service and request that they do it for you.

You can also add your PreCheck number to your member profile. This enables your information to be automatically sent to the TSA when booking reservations when you're logged in to your account.

The easiest way to add PreCheck to a ticket on American Airlines is to update your profile with your number. Log in and go to "Your Account." Choose "Information and Password," and then add your PreCheck number in the Known Traveler Number field in the "Secure Traveler" section.

American Airlines also allows travelers to add their TSA PreCheck number during the booking process. After you've selected your flight date and time, you'll enter your passenger details. If you're not logged in to your AAdvantage account, then you'll need to enter your PreCheck number manually in the Known Traveler Number field.

For existing reservations on American Airlines, click on "Manage Trip" for each reservation. Then click on "Add/Edit Passenger Information" to add your PreCheck number. You can also call American Airlines customer service to have them update your information, but the online self-service option is generally much quicker.

To add PreCheck to Delta, after your PreCheck application has been approved, log in to your account to update your profile. The TSA PreCheck/Known Traveler ID field can be found under "Personal Details."

To add your PreCheck number to a new reservation, the best way is to first log in to your Delta SkyMiles account. This will automatically populate most of your personal information necessary to complete your purchase, including adding your PreCheck number to your reservation.

If you don't have a Delta SkyMiles account or are not logged in, you can add your Known Traveler Number manually during the booking process when entering your passenger info.

Existing reservations can also be updated to add your PreCheck number. Find your reservation on Delta's website and then edit your passenger details to update your information.

Finally, here's how to add TSA PreCheck to a United ticket.

When booking a reservation, your PreCheck number will automatically populate when you're logged in to your United MileagePlus account. You can also manually add it to a reservation during the booking process. After entering your personal information, click on the "Known Traveler Number and Redress Number" drop-down menu. Enter your PreCheck number in the "Known Traveler Number/PASS ID" field.

You can also update existing reservations with your TSA PreCheck number. Go to "Edit Traveler Information" in the "Manage Reservations" section on the website, at an airport kiosk or in the United app.

To add your PreCheck number to your profile, log in and view your personal information. Click on "Profile and Preferences" and find the "Saved Travel Documents and Numbers" section. You'll be able to update your profile with your PreCheck number here.

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Once you're approved for PreCheck, your benefits are not automatically applied to your flight reservations. You must update existing flights and your airline loyalty program profiles so that you'll be able to use the dedicated airport security lanes for PreCheck members.

Be sure to reprint boarding passes that do not have the "TSA PRE" stamp on them. If your boarding pass does not show your PreCheck status, you cannot use the TSA PreCheck security lanes.

For future reservations, log in to your airline account before booking your flight. Booking flights while logged in allows your PreCheck number to be added to reservations automatically. Otherwise, you need to manually enter it yourself.

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