Is a Travel Insured International Insurance Policy Worth It?

This online travel insurance vendor offers single-trip in addition to annual, multi-trip policies at varying coverage levels.

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Travel insurance can provide security when you’re on vacation, especially if the trip you're planning has a lot of variables. Different policies can protect you if you get injured, your trip has been delayed or you become ill. There are plenty of different providers for travel insurance; one of these is Travel Insured International.

But is a policy from Travel Insured International worth it? We'll take a look at the plans it offers and whether it's worth it for you.

Travel Insured International plans and costs

As mentioned above, there are a variety of travel insurance plans that’ll provide coverage based on what you’re doing.

Are you planning on some extreme activities? You’ll want to find a policy that will help you out in the event you slip and get hurt during that mountain climb. How often are you traveling? Single-trip plans will cover you for one vacation, but multi-trip plans provide a full year of coverage.

Understanding the nuances of these differences will help you purchase the right policy for you.

Single-trip plans

Single-trip plans operate just as they sound: They’ll cover you when going on a trip for a specific period of time. You’ll take your vacation, enjoy coverage, then return home.

To get an idea of single-trip plans that Travel Insured International offers, we put in a search for a 41-year-old traveling from New York to Spain for three weeks on a $6,000 vacation.

Travel Insured International returned just one plan option, which offered coverage for $295. It included trip cancellation insurance, medical insurance, lost luggage protection and rental car insurance, among other benefits.

🤓Nerdy Tip

Travel Insured International’s plans do not differentiate medical insurance for COVID-19, so you'll be covered in the event you fall ill with the coronavirus.

Annual plans

Unlike single-trip plans, annual plans provide coverage for you for the entire length of a year. This means you can go on multiple trips without needing to purchase a new policy.

Before buying an annual plan, you’ll want to be aware that coverage for these types of policies tends to be more restrictive than single-trip insurance.

Travel Insured International offers just one multi-trip plan. It starts at $94 per year, though costs can vary based on what type of insurance you’re seeking.

Annual plan benefits include:

  • Trip delay insurance.

  • Passport replacement.

  • Medical insurance.

  • Baggage delay coverage.

You can customize your annual plan from Travel Insured International by purchasing add-on benefits like Cancel For Any Reason insurance, trip cancellation insurance and emergency medical evacuation coverage.

Tips to know if it's worth it for you

Not every plan is suited for every person, and you’ll want to make sure that the policy you pick works for your needs.

Double-check if you have existing coverage

Do you have a travel credit card? If so, odds are that you already have some form of travel insurance. Depending on which card you have, you may be entitled to benefits such as rental car insurance, emergency medical insurance, lost baggage insurance and more.

Look closely at coverage details

Not only do different policies provide different types of coverage, but they will also vary as to how much they’ll cover. Some may cost more but offer much more comprehensive medical insurance, or even zero-dollar deductibles.

Examples of travel insurance types to look for in a policy include:

Not every Travel Insured International plan includes the above types of coverage. Think about your trip and what types of coverage you want or need. If your quoted Travel Insured International plan doesn't cover those bases — nor the ability to add it on as an extra — then it might be worth shopping around for other providers.

Take it a step further: Understand what isn’t covered

While you can choose different coverage options for your policies, there are some things you generally shouldn’t expect coverage for, including intentional acts of harm, high-risk activities and other designated events.

Check the fine print to ensure you’re getting the coverage you need.

Think long term

Are you a frequent traveler? While single-trip insurance may provide more comprehensive benefits than annual trip insurance, you’ll want to compare the cost to see which is a better option for you.

Consider the work involved in filing a claim

Generally speaking, travel insurance involves a lot of paperwork, so be prepared for that if you want to purchase a policy.

If you're unlikely to follow through in submitting a claim to Travel Insured International — which comes with various paperwork and documentation requirements, not to mention timelines to juggle — then buying a policy might not make sense.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Travel Insured International provides both single-trip and annual insurance. While it doesn’t provide a wide range of options, its coverage can include trip delay insurance, trip cancellation insurance, emergency medical and more.

As always, the cost of your travel insurance is going to vary depending on a variety of factors. This can include:

  • Your trip length.

  • Where you’re going.

  • What type of activities you’re engaging in.

  • How old you are.

  • The coverage levels that you select.

Yes. Travel Insured International can provide you with either a single-trip policy or an annual insurance plan for international or domestic travel. You also have the option to add on customized per-trip benefits to your selected policy.

Travel insurance can provide peace of mind while you’re on vacation, especially if you’re worried about changes, cancellations or other mishaps occurring. However, before you go in on a policy, you’ll want to double-check if you already have coverage through your credit card.

You can also find travel insurance from multiple providers by getting a quote from insurance aggregators like Squaremouth or InsureMyTrip. This will allow you to compare different coverage levels and pricing from a variety of companies.

Is Travel Insured International a good company?

Travel Insured International is a legit company, and its policies can help give you peace of mind ahead of your next vacation.

Travel Insured International offers plans for multiple types of travelers, including those who are often on the road. The type of policy you’ll want to choose will vary based on your needs and whether you’re looking for a long-term policy or additional benefits, such as Cancel For Any Reason insurance.

If you've decided that a Travel Insured International plan is worth it for you, consider the steps outlined in the next section.

How to purchase a Travel Insured International plan online

Purchasing a policy from Travel Insured International can be done online. To do so, you’ll first want to navigate to

Once on the website, you can generate a quote for single-trip insurance by putting in your personal information, including your trip dates, location of travel and age. Otherwise, you can find multi-trip insurance on Travel Insured International’s dedicated page.

How to maximize your rewards

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