The Guide to TSA PreCheck Renewal

Renewal now only costs $70 for online applications, but costs $78 for in-person renewals.
Ramsey Qubein
By Ramsey Qubein 

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TSA PreCheck helps to expedite your journey through airport security. With lines often snaking around the airport, having it can make a big difference.

Membership in the program is valid for five years, and renewing it online is recommended about six months before expiration. There is no penalty to starting early since the new membership period begins as soon as the previous one ends, meaning you won’t be overlapping membership periods.

Here’s what you need to know about TSA PreCheck renewal, so you can extend your membership for another five years.

How much is TSA PreCheck renewal?

TSA PreCheck renewal is easier (and cheaper) than before since it can be done online and the fee has dropped from $85 to $70 for online applications. TSA says that most people renew online anyway, but if you choose to do it in person, you'll now pay $78 due to another recent drop in fees.

But TSA PreCheck renewal could also be free. You may already have a credit card that will cover the cost of your application, or you could apply for one. This could save you some real cash.

Even if you don’t have one of these travel rewards cards, someone you know just might. Since the cardholder can pay for someone else’s application — and receive a credit for the fee — it may be worth finding a family member who is not using their credit (perhaps someone who does not travel much or has already used the perk from another card they have) to cover yours.

Among the cards that include TSA PreCheck credits are the Chase Sapphire Reserve®, the United℠ Explorer Card and the IHG® One Rewards Premier Credit Card. These credits are eligible for use once every four years.

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It might make more sense for frequent international travelers to apply for Global Entry, which costs $100 for five years, because it automatically includes TSA PreCheck. Applying for TSA PreCheck first and then Global entry would be more time-consuming.

How do I renew TSA PreCheck?

Visit the official TSA PreCheck website and select the “Renew now” button to start the renewal application. It will ask for personal details as well as your Known Traveler Number, which you’ll want to have handy before you begin the process. This is the same number that you entered into your various airline frequent flyer loyalty programs so that TSA PreCheck automatically applied to eligible tickets.

After completing the renewal form, you’ll need to pay the online fee, so be sure to use one of the credit cards mentioned above if possible. Some travelers may have to supply additional biometric information (like fingerprints) similar to what you did when you first applied. This will require visiting a TSA PreCheck application facility, which are located at major airports as well as other locations.

The time it takes to receive confirmation can vary, taking from a few days to a few months. The good news is that most people are approved within a week. To check your approval status, you will need to visit the Universal Enroll website and select “Check my service status.”

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What if I have Global Entry?

If you received TSA PreCheck through Global Entry (which costs $100 but is also covered by many credit cards), your TSA PreCheck renewal will automatically happen if re-approved for Global Entry. When you renew Global Entry through the Trusted Traveler Program website (you’ll need to log in), you can follow the steps to have both renewed at the same time. And thankfully, Global Entry members now have a 24-month grace period for renewal.

If you applied only for TSA PreCheck and do not have (or need) Global Entry, you will only need to complete the above process to renew TSA PreCheck.

TSA PreCheck renewal is easy

The process to renew TSA PreCheck is not hard, and if approved, it will be good for another five years. Depending on the credit cards you carry, it might also be free.

Frequent flyers know that having expedited security can improve the travel experience and get you to the gate — or even better, the lounge — faster than other travelers.

How to maximize your rewards

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