Football and Money

Pro tips on making the best financial moves

Football players and their families can struggle with the financial rewards and pressures that often come with a pro career. You can get ahead of the pack with help from NerdWallet: Click on a link below for stories and tips on building your financial playbook.

Learn From Those Who've Been There

The Money Playbook 

One estimate found that 78% of former pro football players have serious financial problems. Eric Dickerson and Terrell Owens talk with NerdWallet about their experiences with money, with lessons for young players and fans.

Eric and Terrell in the News 

Eric Dickerson and Terrell Owens discuss the partnership with NerdWallet and the importance of financial education with Fox Sports.

Navigating finances as an athlete

Young athletes who make it to the pros face a lot of complicated new financial decisions and situations, from finding an agent to navigating taxes. Here are some resources to help you make the right call.

5 Money Moves from Terrell Owens

5 Money Moves From Terrell Owens

We sat down with the former wide receiver to talk money — here’s what T.O. has learned

Finding an Agent

Learn how to find the right agent

Let’s Talk Taxes

Taxes are complicated, especially when athletes play in different states

Money Fundamentals

Here’s how to get started learning the basics of personal finance. In no time, you’ll be hitting the ground running with these tips.

Managing Your Money

Managing Your Money

Use 12 simple money rules of thumb to tackle borrowing and saving

Credit Score Basics

Why this number matters

Income and Taxes

Understand what you really take home after taxes

Budgeting 101

How to budget for needs, wants, savings and debt repayment

Compound Interest Calculator

See how savings and investments grow

Gain More Confidence on Financial Decisions

Chances are you — like the rest of us — didn’t take classes in credit cards, life insurance or mortgages. The stories below can help you navigate life’s financial decisions.

Credit Cards Explained

Credit Cards Explained

What you need to know about the plastic in your wallet

Bank Accounts

Find a bank account that works for you

Mortgage Basics 

From preapprovals to refinancing, how to finance a home

Buying a Car

A step-by-step plan to purchase a new car

Life Insurance Explained

Learn about how to protect those who depend on you financially

Paying Off Debt

How to see the problem, pick a strategy and more