Studies and Data Analysis

NerdWallet experts spend thousands of hours each year analyzing data to deliver personal finance insights to reporters and consumers. Here are some of our latest and most popular reports.

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NerdWallet spokespeople are available to discuss the findings of these studies and provide comment on related personal finance topics.

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Credit and debt

Our library of credit card and debt data is extensive. For additional reports, including archives, click here.

2019 Household Credit Card Debt Study, December 2019

2019 Annual Consumer Credit Card Report, July 2019

2019 Travel Credit Card Study, April 2019

2018 Summer Spending Report: Family Vacations and Credit Card Debt, April 2018

General personal and family finance

Gen. Z Finances, March 2020

2020 Tax Report, January 2020

2019 Holiday Shopping ReportNovember 2019

2019 Holiday Travel ReportNovember 2019

Tax Refund SurveyAugust 2019

2019 Back-To-School Study, August 2019


Higher education

Home and mortgages

Autos and insurance

Investing and retirement