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Avon Coupon Codes, Deals, and Community Involvement

July 9, 2013
Personal Finance
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How do you sum up a company that’s been helping women look their best since 1886?  Avon.  What do you call a company that helps women find jobs selling product all over the world?  Avon!

Avon is one of the oldest cosmetic companies in the world, and they’ve had almost one hundred thirty years to figure out how to make the best cosmetics out there. They started out as a basement organization in New York, but through smart marketing decisions, offering Avon coupons and a smart business model they became one of the biggest companies in the world, selling in over 140 countries and helping women all over the world look their best!

Although you can buy their products online (and with their website, it’s really easy to do. Hint: don’t forget to input an Avon coupon code), the Avon business model relies mostly on direct Avon sales, women going door to door with their Avon kit.  Every woman working for Avon is her own boss and makes her own hours, all are trained by Avon to be the best at what they do.

The web store has this really cool option where you can actually get connected directly to a live Avon representative who’ll help you figure out exactly what products you need and help give you a virtual make-over!  And hey, if you’re hanging around on their website and decide that you like the idea of selling Avon products, you can find out information about being an Avon lady yourself!

It’s hard to think about Avon without considering their great work in charitable causes.  They’ve donated nearly a billion dollars to research in breast cancer and domestic violence, their Walk for Breast Cancer alone has donated $472 million since 2003!  It’s always nice knowing you’re buying from a company with heart.

Avon has a wide range of products, not just for women but for men and kids too!  They sell everything you need to make yourself look (and smell) great, with makeup, skincare, bath & body products, fragrances, hair care, jewelry, and clothing!

Right now, Avon is showing off its newest fragrance for men, Untouchable, so if you’ve ever thought Avon is only for the fairer sex, it’s time to think again.  One of the great things about Avon is that, even though they started out selling things to make women look great on the outside, the modern Avon knows that a woman needs to be beautiful from the inside too.  Their line of Curves exercise products can help anyone stay healthy and in fantastic shape.

Avon products are nicely affordable, especially when you consider free shipping, but if you’re looking for Avon coupons you can find a great number of coupons through coupon sites on the Internet.  Just remember, Avon coupons do expire so if you see one that you like, don’t delay!

Every time I shop at Avon, I get just the products that I want at the price I want, usually through Avon sales, and, knowing that I’m buying from a company that does so much good for women, I feel good doing it.

Written by Jacob Dickerman, a freelance writer and core contributor to NerdWallet Shopping.

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