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Best and Worst Cities to be a Beer Drinker

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Arnold Schwarzenegger once said, “Milk is for babies.  When you grow up you have to drink beer.”

Beer is more affordable in some cities than others, however, and NerdWallet crunched the numbers to tell you where a 6-pack will cost you more than anywhere else in the country, and where you can get it for a little more than half the price.

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Most expensive cities to buy a 6-pack of Heineken


Rank City Cost of a 6-pack of Heineken
1 New York (Manhattan), New York $12.63
2 Richmond, Indiana $12.31
3 Moses Lake, Washington $11.23
4 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania $11.21
5 Fairbanks, Alaska $10.63
6 New York (Queens), New York $10.57
7 York County, Pennsylvania $10.25
8 Anchorage, Alaska $10.19
9 Kodiak, Alaska $9.99
10 Williamsport-Lycoming, Pennsylvania $9.99

Cheapest cities to buy a 6-pack of Heineken

Rank City Cost of a 6-pack of Heineken
1 Carlsbad, New Mexico $7.25
2 Galesburg, Illinois $7.28
3 Phoenix, Arizona $7.32
4 Rockford, Illinois $7.42
5 Marshfield, Wisconsin $7.42
6 Ardmore, Oklahoma $7.49
7 Green Bay, Wisconsin $7.52
8 Wausau, Wisconsin $7.53
9 Miami, Florida $7.56
10 Peoria, Illinois $7.58

Data is from the ACCRA Cost of Living Index.

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