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Money Hacks Carnival #114 – Hollywood Edition (Brought to You By NerdWallet Credit Card Watch)

May 5, 2010
Personal Finance
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Hey guys! Welcome to the premiere of the 114th edition of Money Hacks Carnival.  I’ll be your host – NerdWallet.

For those of you who are new to our site, please take a second during commercial breaks or halftime to dribble around our blog for the latest credit card reviews, cash back and travel rewards program updates, and the occasional warning about credit card scams. And if you want to find the best card for your needs, we have an extensive database of cards, with rewards calculators, APR calculators, and even balance transfer calculators.

Best Overall Carnival Post

To kick things off, here are the nominees for Best Overall Carnival Post, as selected by the Academy (i.e. me). Since we’re generally centered on credit cards, I did my best to include a more diverse selection for this category:

2 Cents presents Shareholders vs. Stakeholders: Skipping Steps Is Costly posted at Balance Junkie – a well thought-out analysis at the differences between the old Jack Welch era of building shareholder value, vs the new era of building customer value.

Joe Plemon presents Change Your Mindset and Save a Fortune: 200,000 Miles is the New 100,000 Miles posted at Personal Finance By The Book – A contrarian look at car ownership, and how you can save a bundle by taking your old Beater as far as humanly possible.

Jeff Rose, CFP presents DB(k) Pension Plan Rules. Is it the New 401k? posted at Independent Financial Advisor – A pros and cons look at DB(k) plans, the lesser known step sister of 401(k) plans.

Len Penzo presents 4 Ways Duct Tape Can Fix Your Personal Finances posted at Len Penzo dot Com – A little touch of humor (plus what nerd doesn’t love duct tape).

Ray @ Financial Highway presents 10 Unique and Frugal Mother’s Day Gift Ideas posted at Financial Highway – The essential Mother’s Day post, so that we don’t forget to call and say hi on Sunday.

Best Post in Debt & Credit

We’re going with this category next because it is near and dear to our hearts.  Here are the nominees:

Kyle C. presents What is Your Greatest Financial Fear? posted at Suburban Dollar.

Paul Williams presents Debt Is Not Evil posted at Provident Planning.

Tahnya presents Is Negotiating Credit a Lost Cause? posted at DINKS Finance.

PT presents Shop Safely Online: Use a Virtual Credit Card Number posted at PT Money.

Tim Chen (shameless plug) presents Business Credit Card Roundup (65 Offers Made Easy) posted at NerdWallet.

Miss Bankrupt presents Who Can’t File Bankruptcy? posted at Miss Bankrupt.

Best Post in Frugality & Saving Money

This is the most popular category by far.  We’re got loads of fiscally responsible nominees for you:

Mike Collins presents Car Buying Tips and Tricks posted at Saving Money Today.

Consumer Boomer presents EverBank Yield Pledge Money Market Account Review posted at Consumer Boomer.

Jason presents The Friday Tax posted at Live Real, Now.

Maximizing Money presents 9 Tips For Choosing a Frequent Flyer Program posted at

The Financial Blogger presents Home Security System Deal: Shopping for the Best Home Security System Reliance Protectron posted at The Financial Blogger.

Crystal presents Retirement Savings posted at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff.

Wealth Pilgrim presents Financial Aid Forms ? Best Way To Increase College Aid for Free? posted at Wealth Pilgrim: Money Management Advice, Financial Stess Management, Addiction Recovery Plan & Resources.

David R. Lampsen presents Enjoying a Cheap Summer | Personal Finance Analyst posted at Personal Finance Analyst.

Brad presents Your Car Is Making You Broke posted at Learn Save Invest.

Best Post in Investing

We only got a few nominees here, so it almost wasn’t worth creating a category of its own, but I’ve always wanted an excuse to put a picture of Michael Douglas on our blog:

D4L presents 16 Dividend Stocks Providing An Inflation Hedge posted at Dividends Value.

Barb Friedberg presents LITTLE KNOW INVESTING SECRETS: Part 2-PREDICTIONS ARE USUALLY WRONG posted at Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance.

Best Post Without A Category

Here we have a selection of nominees that defy categorization, or whose categories weren’t popular enough to get their own movie poster:

pkamp3 presents The Geithner Defense posted at Don’t Quit Your Day Job…

MoneyNing presents Do You Really Need a Four-Year Degree for a Good Job? posted at Money Ning.

Craig Ford presents Passwords Security | How To Safely Store Passwords posted at Money Help For Christians

FMF presents What Should Life Insurance Cover? posted at Free Money Finance.

Squirrelers presents The Power of Substitution: An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor AND the Debt Away posted at Squirrelers.

Cheapskate Sandy presents The Dog Ate My Money posted at Yes, I Am Cheap.

freefrombroke presents Term Life Insurance Versus Whole Life Insurance posted at Free From Broke.

Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog presents Investors: Check Your T4 Slip For Last Minute Tax Deductions posted at Canadian Finance Blog.

Jason presents You Can’t Take Money to Eternity posted at One Money Design.

Super Saver presents Understand the Rules First Before Bending Them posted at My Wealth Builder.

Who Are The Winners You Ask?

You decide! Cast your votes in the comments!