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Most Expensive Cities in the U.S.

Jan. 19, 2013
Personal Finance
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NerdWallet ranked the nation’s most expensive cities according to ACCRA’s Cost of Living index.  The index scores listed can be compared to the national average score of 100.

New England and California hold the dubious honor of being some of the most expensive places to live in the United States, and far-away states like Alaska and Hawaii also appear on this list, likely because their increased shipping costs contribute to higher-cost goods and services.

For more information, check out our Cost of Living Calculator and City Life tool.


City Cost of living composite index
1 New York (Manhattan), NY 229.6
2 New York (Brooklyn), NY 180.2
3 Honolulu, HI 169.7
4 San Francisco, CA 168.3
5 San Jose, CA 157.0
6 New York (Queens), NY 152.4
7 Washington, DC 150.9
8 Stamford, CT 148.4
9 Boston, MA 142.8
10 Juneau, AK 141.5
11 Orange County, CA 140.1
12 Bergen-Passaic, NJ 139.9
13 Fairbanks, AK 139.8
14 Oakland, CA 136.8
15 San Diego, CA 134.4
16 Nassau County, NY 133.4
17 Los Angeles, CA 131.3
18 New Haven, CT 131.0
19 Bethesda, MD 130.9
20 Kodiak, AK 130.4
21 Newark, NJ 129.4
22 Middlesex, NJ 126.9
23 Anchorage, AK 125.9
24 Hartford, CT 124.6
25 Philadelphia, PA 122.8

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