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NerdWallet’s Top 4 Foster Care Nonprofits

July 24, 2012
Personal Finance
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Every child deserves not only a comfortable and safe environment, but also a loving family to match.  More than 250,000 children enter the foster care system a year, coming from a number of backgrounds and circumstances. But one thing they all have in common – they all need a place to call “home.” Here at NerdWallet, we strongly believe that every child should be granted the opportunity to grow up in a loving family, whether biological or not.  Here are NerdWallet’s top 4 foster care non profit organizations in the Bay Area.

Youth Homes: Supports abused/traumatized foster children

Unfortunately, a large number of children enter the foster care system due to emotional or physical abuse, or negligence. Youth Homes specializes in providing care for youth between the ages of 12-17, but have helped children as young as six years old. Youth Homes provides preparation programs for higher education, emphasizing academic success in addition to creating an overall safe and loving environment. They offer homework assistance, help with the college application process, and have a number of other services run by volunteers and supporters. Youth Homes is dedicated to replacing foster children’s difficult past with a bright and successful future.

Cake4Kids: Provides free birthday cakes for foster children

For most of us, receiving a birthday cake once a year was a given. Cake4Kids works to make this true for all children, including at-risk youth and foster children. Run by a dedicated group of volunteers, Cake4Kids provides free birthday cakes for those who wouldn’t have one otherwise. There are a number of organizations that provide foster children with the essentials like food, shelter, and clothing. Cake4Kids specializes in providing the sparkling smiles only a birthday girl or boy could have on their special day. They hope to raise children’s self-esteem and remind them that no matter what their past, there are still people who care for them.

Capture the Dream: Focuses on building a brighter future

Most foster care organizations focus on a child’s present needs such as housing and mental and physical health. Capture the Dream sets its sights on the future by providing all low income communities, including foster children, low-income elementary schools, and at-risk youth, with the resources needed to achieve their dreams. The program helps children first “interpret their dream” and then creates the opportunity to “capture the dream.” Whether that includes financial aid, mentoring, or various educational programs, Capture the Dream gives affected youth in the Bay Area a chance to realize their potential and build a brighter future for themselves.

Family Builders: Supports LGBTQ adoption

Family Builders is an organization dedicated to finding permanent, loving families for foster children. Plain and simple – they want to ensure that a child receives the love he or she deserves, whether it’s from a traditional, single parent, gay, lesbian, or transgender family. Since 1976, they’ve been matching foster children and families in the Bay Area, emphasizing that they do not discriminate based on race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or marital status.  All that matters is that the child will be placed in a comfortable, loving environment that promotes positive development. Overall, Family Builders strongly believes that love truly has no limits.