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NerdWallet’s Top 4 Bay Area Cleanup Nonprofits

July 23, 2012
Personal Finance
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Here at NerdWallet, we are very lucky to be based in such a beautiful city. The San Francisco Bay Area is nothing short of a national treasure, and should absolutely be treated as such. Being one of the leading cities in the eco-friendly and green movements, there’s a rapidly growing number of cleanup and conservation nonprofit organizations geared toward preserving the Bay Area community and implementing overall positive change in our environment. Here are our four top Bay Area nonprofits helping to preserve our pristine city.

Nature in the City: Preserving San Francisco’s natural heritage

San Francisco has a long-standing history of biodiversity and overall natural beauty. Nature in the City is the only nonprofit organization strictly dedicated to the restoration and stewardship of San Francisco’s natural heritage. By building healthy relationships between people and nature in their local community, Nature in the City is able to promote the eco-friendly, sustainable habits necessary to maintain San Francisco’s unique environment. According to their mission statement, their focus is on “public education, community stewardship, conservation advocacy, ecological restoration and collaboration.” Nature in the City preserves the human aspect of SF, making it feel less like a city and more like a home.


Baykeeper: Protecting and enhancing the city water quality

Baykeeper has been working to improve the water quality in the Bay Area since 1989, and has made a substantial impact on the water systems that affect both ecosystems and human communities. They are a comprehensive eco-conservation organization with particularly groundbreaking work in controlling storm water pollution – a major factor in water contaminating, yet one that does not receive much media attention. Baykeeper has raised awareness and offered helpful and effective solutions for controlling rainwater from the residential to the citywide scale. Baykeeper has left no stone unturned in the field of water conservation, and continues to graciously serve the Bay Area.


Pacifica Beach Coalition: Dedicated to Pacifica Beach cleanup and conservation

Pacifica Beach is a Bay Area landmark, so it’s no surprise that it has an entire organization dedicated to restoring and maintaining its shores. As with any successful movement or organization, the Pacifica Beach Coalition is rooted in community action, starting at the individual level. They aim to serve the over 39,000 residents of Pacifica, and work to build a value system and model community that will hopefully reach the global level. They hold monthly beach cleanups, help volunteers schedule their own events, and encourage youth participants to become student liaisons in order to promote sustainable living in their schools around the Bay Area. The Pacific Beach Coalition provides an effective and reliable model that could and should be adapted by conservation organizations around the world.


Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition: Dedicated to controlling electronic waste

The Bay Area isn’t only known for it’s beautiful coastline and unique attractions. Northern California is home to Silicon Valley, which headquarters some of the largest, most successful tech companies in the world. Unfortunately, great expansion usually means a great amount of waste. The SVTC was created as a response to the rapid growth of the high tech industry, specifically targeting groundwater contamination found near large manufacturing facilities. E-waste also consists of discarded electronic devices like computers, televisions, and cellphones. SVTC works to keep the many toxic chemicals found in electronics from harming workers, nearby communities, and the environment as a whole. SVTC makes sure that even as Northern California remains the center of innovation and technological progress, it maintains its natural beauty.