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Fidelity Investments Funds

September 5, 2013
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Fidelity Investments is one of the largest financial service providers in the world, with over $1.6 trillion in assets under management from over 20 million customers. Since it was founded in 1946, Fidelity has provided a variety of services, including retirement planning, brokerage services, investment management, and financial products.

Mutual Fund Ticker Category
Fidelity Advisor Balanced Fund FABLX Moderate Allocation
Fidelity Advisor Biotechnology Fund FBTAX Health
Fidelity Advisor California Municipal Income Fund FCMAX Muni California Long
Fidelity Advisor Capital Development Fund FDTTX Large Growth
Fidelity Advisor China Region Fund FHKAX China Region
Fidelity Advisor Diversified International Fund FDVAX Foreign Large Blend
Fidelity Advisor Diversified Stock Fund FDTOX Large Blend
Fidelity Advisor Dividend Growth Fund FADAX Large Blend
Fidelity Advisor Emerging Asia Fund FEAAX Pacific/Asia ex-Japan Stk
Fidelity Advisor Emerging Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) Fund FMEAX Diversified Emerging Mkts
Fidelity Advisor Emerging Markets Fund FAMKX Diversified Emerging Mkts
Fidelity Advisor Emerging Markets Income Fund FMKAX Emerging Markets Bond
Fidelity Advisor Energy Fund FANAX Equity Energy
Fidelity Advisor Equity Growth Fund EPGAX Large Growth
Fidelity Advisor Europe Capital Appreciation Fund FEIAX Large Value
Fidelity Advisor Floating Rate High Income Fund FFRAX Bank Loan
Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2005 Fund FFAVX Target Date 2000-2010
Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2010 Fund FACFX Target Date 2000-2010
Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2015 Fund FFVAX Target Date 2011-2015
Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2020 Fund FDAFX Target Date 2016-2020
Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2025 Fund FATWX Target Date 2021-2025
Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2030 Fund FAFEX Target Date 2026-2030
Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2035 Fund FATHX Target Date 2031-2035
Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2040 Fund FAFFX Target Date 2036-2040
Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2045 Fund FFFZX Target Date 2041-2045
Fidelity Advisor Freedom 2050 Fund FFFLX Target Date 2046-2050
Fidelity Advisor Freedom Income Fund FAFAX Retirement Income
Fidelity Advisor Global Commodity Stock Fund FFGAX Natural Resources
Fidelity Advisor Global Strategies Fund FDASX World Allocation
Fidelity Advisor Growth & Income Fund FGIRX Large Blend
Fidelity Advisor Growth Opportunities Fund FAGAX Large Growth
Fidelity Advisor Health Care Fund FACDX Health
Fidelity Advisor High Income Advantage Fund FAHDX High Yield Bond
Fidelity Advisor High Income Fund FHIAX High Yield Bond
Fidelity Advisor Industrials Fund FCLAX Industrials
Fidelity Advisor Inflation Protected Bond Fund FIPAX Inflation-Protected Bond
Fidelity Advisor Intermediate Bond Fund FDIAX Intermediate-Term Bond
Fidelity Advisor Intermediate Municipal Income Fund FZIAX Muni National Interm
Fidelity Advisor International Cap Appreciation Fund FCPAX Foreign Large Growth
Fidelity Advisor International Discovery Fund FAIDX Foreign Large Blend
Fidelity Advisor International Small Cap Fund FIASX Foreign Small/Mid Growth
Fidelity Advisor International Small Cap Opportunities Fund FOPAX Foreign Small/Mid Growth
Fidelity Advisor International Value Fund FIVMX Foreign Large Value
Fidelity Advisor Investment Grade Bond Fund FGBAX Intermediate-Term Bond
Fidelity Advisor Japan Fund FPJAX Japan Stock
Fidelity Advisor Large Cap Fund FALAX Large Blend
Fidelity Advisor Leveraged Company Stock Fund FLSAX Mid-Cap Blend
Fidelity Advisor Mega Cap Stock Fund FGTAX Large Blend
Fidelity Advisor Mid Cap II FIIAX Mid-Cap Growth
Fidelity Advisor Mortgage Securities Fund FMGAX Intermediate-Term Bond
Fidelity Advisor Municipal Income Fund FAMUX Muni National Long
Fidelity Advisor New Insights Fund FNIAX Large Growth
Fidelity Advisor New York Municipal Income Fund FNMAX Muni New York Long
Fidelity Advisor Overseas Fund FAOAX Foreign Large Blend
Fidelity Advisor Real Estate Fund FHEAX Real Estate
Fidelity Advisor Short Fixed Income Fund FSFAX Short-Term Bond
Fidelity Advisor Small Cap Fund FSCDX Small Blend
Fidelity Advisor Small Cap Growth Fund FCAGX Small Growth
Fidelity Advisor Small Cap Value Fund FCVAX Small Value
Fidelity Advisor Stock Selector Mid Cap Fund FMCDX Mid-Cap Growth
Fidelity Advisor Strategic Income Fund FSTAX Multisector Bond
Fidelity Advisor Strategic Real Return Fund FSRAX Conservative Allocation
Fidelity Advisor Strategy Dividend & Income Fund FASDX Large Value
Fidelity Advisor Technology Fund FADTX Technology
Fidelity Advisor Total Bond Fund FEPAX Intermediate-Term Bond
Fidelity Advisor Ultra Short Bond Fund FUBAX Ultrashort Bond
Fidelity Advisor Utilities Fund FUGAX Utilities
Fidelity Advisor Value Strategies Fund FSOAX Mid-Cap Blend
Fidelity Arizona Municipal Income FSAZX Muni Single State Long
Fidelity Balanced Fund FBALX Moderate Allocation
Fidelity Blue Chip Growth Fund FBGRX Large Growth
Fidelity Blue Chip Value Fund FBCVX Large Value
Fidelity California Small/Intermediate Tax Free Bond Fund FCSTX Muni Single State Short
Fidelity Canada Fund FACNX Foreign Large Growth
Fidelity Capital and Income Fund FAGIX High Yield Bond
Fidelity Capital Appreciation Fund FDCAX Large Growth
Fidelity Commodity Strategy Fund FFCSX Commodities Broad Basket
Fidelity Connecticut Municipal Income Fund FICNX Muni Single State Interm
Fidelity Conservative Income Bond Fund FCONX Ultrashort Bond
Fidelity Contrafund Fund FCNTX Large Growth
Fidelity Convertible Securities Fund FACVX Convertibles
Fidelity Corporate Bond FCBAX Intermediate-Term Bond
Fidelity Disciplined Equity Fund FDEQX Large Blend
Fidelity Diversified International Fund FDIVX Foreign Large Blend
Fidelity Dividend Growth Fund FDGFX Large Blend
Fidelity Emerging Asia Fund FSEAX Pacific/Asia ex-Japan Stk
Fidelity Emerging Markets Fund FEMKX Diversified Emerging Mkts
Fidelity Equity Dividend Income Fund FEQTX Large Value
Fidelity Equity Income Fund FEQIX Large Value
Fidelity Europe Capital Appreciation Fund FECAX Europe Stock
Fidelity Europe Fund FIEUX Europe Stock
Fidelity Export and Multinational Fund FEXPX Large Growth
Fidelity Focused High Income Fund FHIFX High Yield Bond
Fidelity Focused Stock Fund FTQGX Large Growth
Fidelity Four-in-One Index Fund FFNOX Aggressive Allocation
Fidelity Freedom 2000 Fund FFFBX Target Date 2000-2010
Fidelity Freedom 2005 Fund FFFVX Target Date 2000-2010
Fidelity Freedom 2010 Fund FFFCX Target Date 2000-2010
Fidelity Freedom 2015 Fund FFVFX Target Date 2011-2015
Fidelity Freedom 2020 Fund FFFDX Target Date 2016-2020
Fidelity Freedom 2025 Fund FFTWX Target Date 2021-2025
Fidelity Freedom 2030 Fund FFFEX Target Date 2026-2030
Fidelity Freedom 2035 Fund FFTHX Target Date 2031-2035
Fidelity Freedom 2040 Fund FFFFX Target Date 2036-2040
Fidelity Freedom 2045 Fund FFFGX Target Date 2041-2045
Fidelity Freedom 2050 Fund FFFHX Target Date 2046-2050
Fidelity Freedom Income Fund FFFAX Retirement Income
Fidelity Freedom Index 2010 Fund FKIFX Target Date 2000-2010
Fidelity Freedom Index 2015 Fund FLIFX Target Date 2011-2015
Fidelity Freedom Index 2020 Fund FPIFX Target Date 2016-2020
Fidelity Freedom Index 2025 Fund FQIFX Target Date 2021-2025
Fidelity Freedom Index 2030 Fund FXIFX Target Date 2026-2030
Fidelity Freedom Index 2035 Fund FIHFX Target Date 2031-2035
Fidelity Freedom Index 2040 Fund FBIFX Target Date 2036-2040
Fidelity Freedom Index 2045 Fund FIOFX Target Date 2041-2045
Fidelity Freedom Index 2050 Fund FIPFX Target Date 2046-2050
Fidelity Freedom Index Income Fund FIKFX Retirement Income
Fidelity Freedom K 2000 Fund FFKBX Target Date 2000-2010
Fidelity Freedom K 2005 Fund FFKVX Target Date 2000-2010
Fidelity Freedom K 2010 Fund FFKCX Target Date 2000-2010
Fidelity Freedom K 2015 Fund FKVFX Target Date 2011-2015
Fidelity Freedom K 2020 Fund FFKDX Target Date 2016-2020
Fidelity Freedom K 2025 Fund FKTWX Target Date 2021-2025
Fidelity Freedom K 2030 Fund FFKEX Target Date 2026-2030
Fidelity Freedom K 2035 Fund FKTHX Target Date 2031-2035
Fidelity Freedom K 2040 Fund FFKFX Target Date 2036-2040
Fidelity Freedom K 2045 Fund FFKGX Target Date 2041-2045
Fidelity Freedom K 2050 Fund FFKHX Target Date 2046-2050
Fidelity Freedom K Income Fund FFKAX Retirement Income
Fidelity Fund FFIDX Large Growth
Fidelity Global Balanced Fund FGLAX World Allocation
Fidelity Global High Income Fund FGHAX High Yield Bond
Fidelity GNMA Fund FGMNX Intermediate Government
Fidelity Government Income Fund FVIAX Intermediate Government
Fidelity Growth and Income Portfolio FGRIX Large Blend
Fidelity Growth Discovery Fund FDSVX Large Growth
Fidelity Growth Strategies Fund FDEGX Mid-Cap Growth
Fidelity High Income Fund SPHIX High Yield Bond
Fidelity Independence Fund FDFFX Large Growth
Fidelity Institutional Short-Intermediate Government Fund FFXSX Short Government
Fidelity Intermediate Bond Fund FTHRX Intermediate-Term Bond
Fidelity Intermediate Government Fund FSTGX Intermediate Government
Fidelity International Capital Appreciation Fund FIVFX Foreign Large Growth
Fidelity International Growth Fund FIAGX Foreign Large Growth
Fidelity International Real Estate Fund FIRAX Global Real Estate
Fidelity Japan Smaller Companies Fund FJSCX Japan Stock
Fidelity Large Cap Core Enhanced Index Fund FLCEX Large Blend
Fidelity Large Cap Growth Enhanced Index Fund FLGEX Large Growth
Fidelity Large Cap Stock Fund FLCSX Large Blend
Fidelity Latin America Fund FLFAX Latin America Stock
Fidelity Leveraged Company Stock Fund FLVCX Mid-Cap Blend
Fidelity Low Priced Stock Fund FLPSX Mid-Cap Blend
Fidelity Magellan Fund FMAGX Large Growth
Fidelity Maryland Municipal Income Fund SMDMX Muni Single State Interm
Fidelity Massachusetts Municipal Income Fund FDMMX Muni Massachusetts
Fidelity Michigan Municipal Income Fund FMHTX Muni Single State Interm
Fidelity Mid Cap Stock Fund FMCSX Mid-Cap Growth
Fidelity Mid Cap Value Fund FMPAX Mid-Cap Value
Fidelity Minnesota Municipal Income Fund FIMIX Muni Minnesota
Fidelity Municipal Income Fund FHIGX Muni National Long
Fidelity NASDAQ Composite Index Fund FNCMX Large Growth
Fidelity New Jersey Municipal Income Fund FNJHX Muni New Jersey
Fidelity New Markets Income Fund FNMIX Emerging Markets Bond
Fidelity New Millennium Fund FMILX Large Growth
Fidelity Nordic Fund FNORX Europe Stock
Fidelity Ohio Municipal Income Fund FOHFX Muni Ohio
Fidelity OTC Portfolio FOCPX Large Growth
Fidelity Overseas Fund FOSFX Foreign Large Blend
Fidelity Pacific Basin Fund FPBFX Diversified Pacific/Asia
Fidelity Pennsylvania Municipal Income Fund FPXTX Muni Pennsylvania
Fidelity Puritan Fund FPURX Moderate Allocation
Fidelity Real Estate Income Fund FRINX Real Estate
Fidelity Real Estate Investment Portfolio FRESX Real Estate
Fidelity Select Banking Portfolio FSRBX Financial
Fidelity Select Biotechnology Portfolio FBIOX Health
Fidelity Select Brokerage and Investment FSLBX Financial
Fidelity Select Chemicals Portfolio FSCHX Natural Resources
Fidelity Select Communications Equipment Fund FSDCX Communications
Fidelity Select Computers Portfolio FDCPX Technology
Fidelity Select Construction and Housing Portfolio FSHOX Consumer Cyclical
Fidelity Select Consumer Discretionary Fund FSCPX Consumer Cyclical
Fidelity Select Consumer Finance Portfolio FSVLX Financial
Fidelity Select Consumer Staples Fund FDAGX Consumer Defensive
Fidelity Select Defense and Aerospace Portfolio FSDAX Industrials
Fidelity Select Electronics Portfolio FSELX Technology
Fidelity Select Energy Portfolio FSENX Equity Energy
Fidelity Select Energy Service Portfolio FSESX Equity Energy
Fidelity Select Financial Services Portfolio FIDSX Financial
Fidelity Select Gold Portfolio FGDAX Equity Precious Metals
Fidelity Select Health Care Portfolio FSPHX Health
Fidelity Select Industrial Equipment Portfolio FSCGX Industrials
Fidelity Select Industrials Fund FCYIX Industrials
Fidelity Select Insurance Portfolio FSPCX Financial
Fidelity Select IT Services Fund FBSOX Technology
Fidelity Select Leisure Portfolio FDLSX Consumer Cyclical
Fidelity Select Materials Fund FMFAX Natural Resources
Fidelity Select Medical Delivery Portfolio FSHCX Health
Fidelity Select Medical Equipment and Systems Portfolio FSMEX Health
Fidelity Select Multimedia Portfolio FBMPX Consumer Cyclical
Fidelity Select Natural Gas Portfolio FSNGX Equity Energy
Fidelity Select Natural Resources Portfolio FNARX Equity Energy
Fidelity Select Pharmaceuticals Portfolio FPHAX Health
Fidelity Select Retailing Portfolio FSRPX Consumer Cyclical
Fidelity Select Software and Computer Services Portfolio FSCSX Technology
Fidelity Select Technology Portfolio FSPTX Technology
Fidelity Select Telecommunications Portfolio FTUAX Communications
Fidelity Select Transportation Portfolio FSRFX Industrials
Fidelity Select Utilities Portfolio FSUTX Utilities
Fidelity Select Wireless Fund FWRLX Communications
Fidelity Short Term Bond Fund FSHBX Short-Term Bond
Fidelity Short-Intermediate Municipal Income Fund FASHX Muni National Short
Fidelity Small Cap Discovery Fund FSCRX Small Blend
Fidelity Small Cap Enhanced Index Fund FCPEX Small Blend
Fidelity Small Cap Stock Fund FSLCX Small Blend
Fidelity Spartan 500 Index Fund FUSEX Large Blend
Fidelity Spartan Extended Market Index Fund FSEMX Mid-Cap Blend
Fidelity Spartan Global ex U.S. Index Fund FSGUX Foreign Large Blend
Fidelity Spartan Intermediate Trust Bond Index Fund FIBIX Intermediate Government
Fidelity Spartan International Index Fund FSIIX Foreign Large Blend
Fidelity Spartan Long Term Trust Bond Index Fund FLBIX Long Government
Fidelity Spartan Short Term Trust Bond Index Fund FSBIX Short Government
Fidelity Spartan Total Market Index Fund FSTMX Large Blend
Fidelity Stock Selector All Cap Fund FMAMX Large Growth
Fidelity Stock Selector Large Cap Value Fund FLUAX Large Value
Fidelity Stock Selector Small Cap Fund FCDAX Small Blend
Fidelity Strategic Income Fund FSICX Multisector Bond
Fidelity Tax Free Bond Fund FTABX Muni National Long
Fidelity Telecom and Utilities Fund FIUIX Utilities
Fidelity Total International Equity Fund FTAEX Foreign Large Blend
Fidelity Trend Fund FTRNX Large Growth
Fidelity Value Discovery Fund FVDFX Large Blend
Fidelity Value Fund FDVLX Mid-Cap Value
Fidelity Worldwide Fund FWAFX World Stock
Spartan U.S. Bond Index Fund FBIDX Intermediate-Term Bond
Strategic Advisers Core Fund FCSAX Large Blend
Strategic Advisers Core Income Fund FPCIX Intermediate-Term Bond
Strategic Advisers Emerging Markets Fund FSAMX Diversified Emerging Mkts
Strategic Advisers Growth Fund FSGFX Large Growth
Strategic Advisers Income Opportunities Fund FPIOX High Yield Bond
Strategic Advisers International Fund FILFX Foreign Large Blend
Strategic Advisers International II Fund FUSIX Foreign Large Blend
Strategic Advisers Short Duration Fund FAUDX Short-Term Bond
Strategic Advisers Small-Mid Cap Fund FSCFX Small Growth
Strategic Advisers US Opportunity Fund FUSOX Large Blend
Strategic Advisers US Opportunity II Fund FUSPX Large Blend
Strategic Advisers Value Fund FVSAX Large Value


Exchange-Traded Fund Ticker Category
Fidelity NASDAQ Composite Index Tracking Fund ONEQ Large Growth

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